LogicVision Introduces ETMemory On-Chip eDRAM Test, Repair Solution

LogicVision, Inc. (Nasdaq: LGVN), a leading provider of test and yield learning capabilities for the semiconductor industry, announced that its ETMemory(TM) product line now fully supports built-in-self-test and built-in self-repair of embedded DRAMs (eDRAMs). ETMemory is widely used for testing embedded SRAMs at leading semiconductor and system companies worldwide. Building on that success, LogicVision has now added the critical requirements for test and self-repair of eDRAMs. LogicVision will demonstrate ETMemory for eDRAM at the 2007 International Test Conference, Oct 23-25, in Santa Clara, CA.

As silicon process technologies for eDRAMs have become more economical, the application of eDRAMs in SoCs, especially in consumer type applications, is growing rapidly. While embedding large blocks of DRAM into SoCs provides many cost and performance advantages, it also creates new test and yield challenges due to the higher circuit densities of eDRAMs over more traditional embedded SRAMS. This trend in turn is driving the need for advanced on-chip test and repair capabilities to enable cost-effective approaches for meeting quality and yield requirements.

Comprehensive support for eDRAM test and repair ETMemory represents the industry’s only comprehensive eDRAM test and repair solution. It uniquely provides the following key capabilities:

  • DRAM operation support – supports all eDRAM communication requirements such as address interleaving, address multiplexing and auto refresh.
  • Programmable test algorithms – support for both hard and soft programmability allowing user defined algorithms to be either integrated into embedded test controllers at design time or downloaded into embedded test controllers at test time. Hard programmability achieves high quality levels with low area overhead, while soft programmability provides the ability to handle unforeseen defect mechanisms during production, enabling quality without costly re-spins.
  • Built-In Self Repair (BISR) – on-chip capabilities necessary to test, analyze and permanently repair eDRAMs containing redundancy including support for architectures using both spare rows and spare columns. The solution includes on-chip global fuse management, removing the need for external fuse data storage and greatly simplifying the manufacturing test flow.
  • Automated RTL-level integration and verification flow for all on-chip test and repair resources integrated with all leading physical implementation flows.
  • Compatible with LogicVision’s comprehensive suite of silicon diagnostic solutions including Silicon Insight(TM) and ETAccess(TM).

“ETMemory support for eDRAM is another LogicVision milestone, extending our leadership position in providing critical embedded test solutions to the semiconductor industry,” said Farhad Hayat, VP of marketing at LogicVision. “This release of ETMemory provides our customers with test infrastructure necessary to make the adoption of eDRAMs cost effective.”

ETMemory with full support for eDRAMs is in full production and available immediately.

About LogicVision Inc.
LogicVision (Nasdaq: LGVN) provides proprietary technologies for embedded test and yield learning that enable more efficient manufacturing test of complex semiconductors. LogicVision’s embedded test solutions allow integrated circuit designers to embed test functionality into a semiconductor design that is used during semiconductor production test and throughout the useful life of the chip. The company’s advanced Design for Test (DFT) product line, ETCreate(TM), works together with Silicon Insight(TM) applications and Yield Insight(TM) to improve profit margins by reducing device field returns and test costs, accelerating silicon bring-up times and shortening both time to market and time to yield.

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