eRide Announces Opus III eZ GPS, A-GPS Chip

eRide, Inc., a leader in Global Positioning System (GPS), Assisted GPS (A-GPS) and Satellite Navigation Technology, announced its new Opus III eZ(TM) chip which provides a unique solution for true positioning indoor and in harsh environments to markets ranging from handset to personal navigation devices, automotive, tracking, and security.

The new Opus III eZ circuit is based on the eRide’s Opus III(TM) ultra high sensitivity GPS engine combined with an on-chip microcontroller. Opus III eZ is capable of operations in both autonomous mode, for stand-alone GPS receivers, and server-assisted mode, where the receiver can retrieve aiding information from a server. This results in an extremely short time after initial start, typically in less than 1 second, to provide the time, the actual position and the speed information, a key feature for push-to-fix applications. Another key feature for end-users is its ultra high sensitivity which allows operation of the GPS receiver inside buildings and in extremely difficult outdoor environments such as urban canyons. With the world’s best sensitivity reported, at -161 dBm in acquisition and tracking, autonomous or server-aided mode, this product enhances eRide’s ability to service true indoor positioning requirements for the broader communications and consumer end-markets.

Opus III eZ is fully compatible with the eRide’s aiding technology and has a pre-installed software package to support the feature. In applications which include access to a wireless data network, it can request aiding from an eRide’ Symphony server and then process the response sentences accordingly. “Our aiding technology is pretty unique and includes patented techniques,” said Arthur Woo, co-founder and CEO of eRide. “eRide is one of the very few companies capable of offering such a complete, high performances, and proven server aided solution which can operate with a wide variety of wireless data network protocol.”

eRide’s proven Opus GPS technology in cellular communications applications in Japan and Europe, combined with the performances of a 90 nm CMOS silicon process, resulted in the fully featured Opus III eZ device. It comes with an embedded 32-bit RISC controller, 3 types of serial communication ports, 8 general purpose I/O’s, on-chip 384K mask ROM, 160K data SRAM, and on-chip power management. It can operate from a single 3V supply. The chip also includes a battery back-up section, with real-time-clock and 8K data SRAM. The new part is offered either in TFBGA 7×7 package or in very small footprint Solder Bump die form. Samples are available now and volume production deliveries to customers started at the beginning of the 4th quarter 2007.

Moreover, eRide offers a fully functional reference design based on Opus III eZ solution with its embedded controller running the highly optimized Opus III eZ software, from on-chip ROM or from external Flash. The complete solution utilizes extremely low number of external components and is priced competitively. It comes in a form factor that matches portable device requirements and can easily be integrated into existing systems.

About eRide
eRide is a fabless semiconductor company that develops and markets high sensitivity Assisted GPS (A-GPS) solutions for location based services. eRide combines its GPS system expertise with RF and digital semiconductor technology to offer GPS chipsets, navigation software plug-ins, aiding servers and a GPS global reference network. eRide’s technology has been adopted by a number of world-class semiconductor companies, navigation companies, and cellular network operators. Founded in 1999, eRide is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and has offices in North America, Asia and Europe. For more information, contact eRide, Inc., at One Letterman Drive, Suite 310 Bldg C., The Presidio of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 94129-1492, USA; phone +1 415-848-7800; email at

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