CLK Design Automation Acquires Synchronous Design Automation

CLK Design Automation announced that is has acquired Synchronous Design Automation, an innovative developer of clock tree synthesis and optimization tools for advanced digital chip designs. Combined with the leading-edge timing and signal integrity capabilities offered by CLK Design Automation, the result is a comprehensive suite of automated timing closure tools for 65-nanometer (nm) and 45-nm designs.

The Synchronous Design Automation technology provides next-generation clock tree synthesis and post place-and-route optimization. Using its unique “intelligent clock scheduling” technology, the Synchronous DA tools can improve timing, reduce power, and increase tolerance to process variations.

“Our Amber Analyzer has had an excellent reception in the market place. Chip designers are genuinely excited by the throughput and analysis improvements our threaded timing and signal integrity approach brings to the design flow,” said Isadore Katz, president and CEO of CLK Design Automation. “Of course, the very next thing they requested was optimization. In their words, being able to analyze and identify timing problems 10x faster is fantastic. Now, can you help us fix them? With the addition of the Synchronous DA technology, we have a very compelling solution for advanced IC designs.”

“We had been getting a great deal of interest in our approach to clock tree synthesis and optimization,” said Sandeep Srinivasan, founder and CEO of Synchronous Design Automation. “We view the combination with CLK Design Automation as an excellent opportunity to accelerate our entry into the market and quickly gain a much bigger presence. From the designers’ perspective, it brings together the latest generation of critical timing closure technologies, which is still the number one challenge they face today.”

The CLK Amber(TM) Analyzer is currently in production on 45-nm chip designs. The Synchronous DA tools are now in qualification at leading semiconductor companies for both clock tree synthesis and post place-and-route optimization.

About CLK Design Automation
CLK Design Automation, Inc. develops and markets static timing and power analysis solutions used in the design of high-performance microprocessor and advanced semiconductors. Its fully threaded, incremental architecture pioneers a new generation of electronic design automation (EDA) tools that enables the CLK Amber Analyzer to execute 10 to 100x faster than conventional analysis tools. Headquartered in Littleton, Mass., the company was founded by EDA industry veterans and has received $9 million in venture funding to date.

Amber is trademark of CLK Design Automation.