iBiquity Debuts HD Radio Reference Kit with iPod Docking, iTunes Tagging

iBiquity Digital Corporation, the developer of digital HD Radio(TM) technology, announced that it is offering manufacturers an end-to-end Reference Kit for the production of HD Radio receivers with iPod® docking stations and iTunes® Tagging. The kit is available to all licensees of both Apple Made-for-iPod (MFi) and iBiquity.

“We are committed to working with manufacturers to bring HD Radio products to market as smoothly as possible,” said Jeff Jury, COO, iBiquity Digital Corporation. “Designed to work with our existing software development kit, the new Reference Kit includes both the hardware and software needed to quickly commercialize HD Radio receivers which will have the iTunes Tagging feature.”

iTunes Tagging enables consumers using HD Radio receivers equipped with a special Tag button, to “tag” songs that they hear on the FM dial for subsequent purchase on-line through iTunes. Six leading U.S. broadcast groups (CBS RADIO, Clear Channel, Cumulus, Cox, Entercom and Greater Media), which represent thousands of local AM/FM stations, are in the process of installing iTunes Tagging technology at the local station level.

iBiquity’s iTunes Tagging Reference Kit includes the 1281 HD Radio module (revision 1.1), the 1182 HD Radio evaluation board (Revision 2.4), the 2107 iPod adapter board, an iPod DIN cable and SDK version 3.0. The iTunes Tagging feature is independent of the IC solution. All current and next generation HD Radio semiconductor solutions support iTunes Tagging.

The first receivers with the iTunes Tagging button are Polk Audio’s I-Sonic® Entertainment System 2 and the JBL. They go on sale in the United States during the holiday shopping season. Additional products that include the Tag button for both the home and car will follow in early 2008.

About iBiquity Digital
iBiquity Digital Corporation is the developer of the HD Radio system, which is powering the AM/FM digital radio revolution. This transformational technology allows AM and FM stations to broadcast digital signals in tandem with their analog signals, providing broadcasters with a platform to deliver multiple channels of programming on the same frequency (multicasting); crystal-clear, CD-quality sound; advanced services such as tagging, traffic updates; and text information. More than 1,500 U.S. HD Radio stations are on the air, with nearly half of those offering additional content via multicast channels. HD Radio technology is being or has been tested in many countries throughout the world, including Argentina, Australia, Bosnia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Switzerland, Thailand and Ukraine.

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