Empower Receives Patent for Pen-based Handwriting Recognition

Empower Technologies Corporation (“Empower”) (TSX.V: EPT) is pleased to announce that the US Patent Office has granted the Company a pen-based (or stylus-based) handwriting recognition method for computing devices. The patent is for an improved system and method for pen-based handwritten and keystroke data input into a computer system (such as a smart phone or a tablet computer with pen/stylus-based handwriting input capability).

The system and method receives pen-based data entry from multiple related input boxes within a handwriting area on a digitizer pad. Thread-based processing allows each input box or group of input boxes to be separately evaluated, providing for continuous character recognition. Character strokes entered into each input box or group of input boxes are saved and interpreted together to allow more complete recognition of naturally written characters. Improvements on keyboard layouts are also disclosed.

The Company will conduct an evaluation of the patent claims to determine the strength of a claim of infringement against any possible infringing technologies. If the Company detects any infringement and the conditions are right, then it will vigorously defend the patent until a satisfactory outcome is reached.

For more information on the patent granted, please search for US Patent No. 7,280,695 titled “System and method of pen-based data input into a computing device”

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