CPU Tech, EADS Team on Military Electronics Modeling, Simulation

CPU Technology (CPU Tech) and EADS North America Defense Test & Services have announced that, effective immediately, they have entered into a teaming agreement to offer “Total System Life Management” technologies for Army Aviation and Missile Command electronics applications. Total System Life Management provides system-of-systems modeling and simulation capabilities in real time, radically improving complex system design, support, and redesign processes.

The superior technology from EADS and CPU Tech generates safer products with increased performance and proven efficiency. As a result, customers in the armed forces will benefit from superior products with a lower acquisition cost, lower through-life support costs, and much lower costs to redesign obsolete subsystems and systems.

EADS North America Defense Test & Services brings more than 45 years of experience in the design of instruments and systems for commercial and defense applications to the new team. “Our experience with military communication and avionics systems, combined with the recent success of EADS as a supplier of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft to the Department of Defense, provide the foundation for offering this new technology. We have combined our expertise in system engineering with the powerful new technology developed by CPU Technology to offer this solution to military supportability problems,” remarked Jim Mulato, Executive VP, EADS North America Defense, Test and Services.

CPU Technology offers advanced system design technologies, multiprocessor architectures and compatible System-on-a-Chip implementation which yield products and solutions that offer better performance, are more reliable, and require less space and power than alternative embedded or general purpose computing architectures.

“Our compatible System-on-a-Chip means that we provide an economically feasible technology migration to the customer, because there is no software rewrite and the solutions are 100% backward compatible,” said Robert Beanland, CPU Technology VP of Marketing.

“This technology delivers performance and saves money, whether you are redesigning an obsolete avionics module into a smaller form factor or are doing a new design of a complex system of systems and want to minimize life cycle costs,” added Mulato.

About CPU Technology, Inc.
CPU Technology, Inc. (CPU Tech) develops and supplies Compatible SoC solutions for the high-end computing market. The company’s products and services directly address the challenges associated with the transformation of microprocessor-based electronic systems to the SoC / MultiCore era. CPU Tech is a privately held company founded in 1989 with headquarters in Pleasanton, CA, and business development offices in Reston, VA.

About EADS North America Defense Test and Services
EADS North America Defense Test & Services, a subsidiary of EADS North America Defense, designs, manufactures, sells, and services electronic test and measurement equipment, systems, and software to leading high-technology customers throughout the world. The company works with core customers to define test requirements and deliver support solutions by providing general purpose ATE products, designing and building unique ATE, enhancing and integrating software offerings, and establishing nationwide OEM and military test engineering services. Among the key market sectors the company serves are military, aerospace, marine, medical, telecommunications, semiconductor, and commercial manufacturing.