DSPCon Unveils DataFlex-500 Portable, High-Speed Data Recorder

DSPCon, Inc., a leading, global supplier of dynamic data acquisition, analysis, archiving and recording solutions for high-value military, aerospace and rotating machinery applications, has launched DataFlex-500(TM), a portable, high-speed data recorder that weighs less than 22 lbs., features real-time playback, display and analysis, and provides a sustained, continuous recording speed of up to 256,000 samples per second.

DSPCon DataFlex-500 Portable, High-Speed Data Acquisition RecorderCombining the best attributes of a digital data recorder with those of a real-time data acquisition and analysis system in one durable, compact box, the new DataFlex-500 has been specifically designed to provide rapid data recording, real-time analysis and archiving of up to 64 channels at prices starting at $25,000 U.S. Its durable outer housing, robust safety features and ease-of-use make it ideal for field testing jet engines, turbine pumps, combat vehicles and precision weapons systems. The DataFlex-500 is fully transportable and easily fits in standard aircraft overhead racks.

“For years, we’ve heard customers articulate the need for a high-speed, low-cost, durable recorder with real-time analysis capabilities that’s easy to move, easy to use and easy on their budget,” said Al Brower, president and chief executive officer of DSPCon. “With DataFlex-500 we’ve shattered those barriers of cost, weight and lengthy learning curves to deliver a recorder unlike any on the market today. With this new system, we’ve accelerated our transition from systems integrator to full-service solution provider and are ready to meet the demands of current and new customers for a better answer for portable recording and analysis.”

Fully leveraging DSPCon’s 15-year reputation and experience as a leading American systems integrator, the new DataFlex-500 features an open-standards, non-proprietary design architecture, standard 32-channel capacity, a bandwidth of up to 115 kHz and a fully integrated software suite that includes MultiScope(TM). MultiScope combines the functionality of 32 oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers in one convenient package to deliver real-time, in-line and post-test analysis for a variety of rotating machinery, acoustic frequency, shock and vibration applications.

Pricing, Features and Specifications
The new DataFlex-500 is available now for immediate delivery. All DataFlex-500 models come complete as fully integrated, PC-based, one-box solutions including high-resolution 17-inch LCD screen, full-size, break-proof detachable keyboards and durable all-aluminum bodies with superior EMI shielding. Prices for a standard 32-channel system start at $25,000 U.S. with 64-channel systems starting at $40,000 U.S. Attractive lease programs with flexible terms are also available.

Feature Highlights:

  • Records data while performing extensive displays and real-time data tests at bandwidths up to 115 kHz
  • Sustained, continuous recording speed of up to 256,000 samples/second
  • High capacity recording – standard 750 Gbyte SATA drive
  • Remote monitoring and control via dual-port Ethernet
  • Supports a wide variety of data extraction options, including Ethernet, DVD or USB, removable media (NTFS format)
  • Supports wide variety of signal conditioning
  • Numerous storage, configuration and display options available

Specifications Highlights:

  • Sampling Rate: Range: up to 256,000 samples/second
  • Resolution: .001 samples/ second
  • Bandwidth: Up to 115 kHz
  • Recording Capacity: Over 800 hours (standard 32-channels @ 4,000 samples/sec), Over 6 hours (optional 64-channels @ 256,000 samples/sec)
  • Frequency Response: ±0.1 dB, DC to 90 kHz up to 200,000 samples/sec
  • Input Anti-alias Filter: Analog: 2-pole Butterworth at 320 kHz
  • Digital: Sigma-Delta @ .4535 x Sample Rate
  • Calibration: Factory calibrated to ±0.05%, traceable to NIST
  • IRIG-B: Input with time stamping to 1 msec accuracy

About DSPCon
New Jersey-based DSPCon is a leading systems integrator and full-service solution provider of high-bandwidth, high-performance data acquisition, analysis and archiving systems for governmental agencies and commercial enterprises in the military, defense, aerospace, avionics, machinery, manufacturing and telecommunications industries. Certified to ISO9001:2000 quality standards, DSPCon solutions empower organizations to streamline test and development cycles and improve operational and production efficiencies by slashing the time between data acquisition and processed analytical results.

Today, DSPCon products and services support a wide variety of mission-critical signal processing applications including acoustic, vibration, shock and rotating machinery analysis; sonar and radar processing; digital data recording and jet engine testing. With hundreds of deployed solutions and over a decade and a half of experience in digital signal processing, systems integration and software development, DSPCon continues to be at the forefront in meeting the unique data acquisition needs of world-class organizations such as Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell and General Dynamics.

DSPCon, MultiScope, Piranha III and DataFlex-500 are trademarks of DSPCon, Inc.