Open Kernel Labs Showcases OKL4 Virtualization at Vision 2007

Open Kernel Labs (OK), global provider of embedded systems software and virtualization technology is demoing OK Linux and OKL4 integrated with MontaVista® Linux on FIC’s OpenMoko Neo 1973 smart phone to showcase OKL4′s proven benefits to wireless subscriber device developers.

OK customers using this option tap into OKL4′s virtualization technology with an optimized OK Linux to provide a high performance virtualized system without sacrificing strong isolation between virtual machines or between virtual machines and the hypervisor.

OK customers use OKL4′s virtualization, high performance IPC, and support for user-level device drivers to provide unprecedented levels of security, reliability and trustworthiness for today’s embedded computing devices. These customers are targeting 250,000,000 wireless subscriber devices, such as mobile phones and high-speed data communication cards, for OKL4-based systems.

The OpenMoko phone is one example of the ability to quickly develop differentiated applications with multiple instances of MontaVista Linux on a single-core processor using OKL4′s secure system virtualization capability. As with all OKL4-based applications, these devices are designed to better withstand application failures and outside attacks.

“MontaVista Linux powers the OpenMoko phone and many additional mobile devices, where we see an increasing demand for a secure virtualization solution,” said Dan Cauchy, marketing director for mobile and carrier grade, MontaVista Software, Inc. “The combination of products from Open Kernel Labs and MontaVista addresses key needs of our mobile handset customers.”

“The demo of the OpenMoko phone represents OK’s flexible, reliable and secure technology in one of the hottest new open source devices today,” Steve Subar, president and co-founder of Open Kernel Labs. “Our customers are under enormous pressure to develop highly differentiated products quickly and economically. Working together, Open Kernel Labs and MontaVista will deliver substantial engineering benefits to our customers.”

About Open Kernel Labs
Open Kernel Labs’ (OK) technology leadership in embedded systems software and virtualization technology enables the development of reliable, trustworthy and affordable devices. Backed by the largest, independent team of microkernel developers, OK’s open-source microkernel based software system, OKL4, offers the highest proven performance combined with strong protection and security features in order to provide developers with a robust, open-source platform for building secure, differentiated embedded applications. OK is a spin-out from NICTA, Australia’s pre-eminent Center of Excellence for information and communications technology (ICT).