NEC Expands Use of LogicVision Embedded Test Solutions for SoC Design

LogicVision, Inc. (Nasdaq: LGVN), a leading provider of semiconductor test and yield learning solutions, announced that NEC Electronics is expanding the use of LogicVision’s embedded test solutions to help ensure silicon quality and manufacturability. LogicVision’s embedded logic and memory test solutions have been in use by NEC Electronics for the past two years in Japan, and based on the achieved results, NEC Electronics is now expanding the usage for worldwide adoption across other SoC projects.

“We have experienced great success in using LogicVision’s embedded test solutions for both memory and logic test,” said Shinichi Iwamoto, Associate Vice President, Microcomputer Operations Unit, NEC Electronics. “Not only are we able to meet our stringent DPM (defects per million) requirements to satisfy our customer needs, we were also able to realize fast silicon bring-up times and achieve improved burn-in test quality. Because of these results, we’re expanding the use of LogicVision’s embedded logic and memory test solutions to other projects on a worldwide basis.”

As new semiconductor process technologies continue to increase transistor densities and operating speeds, new test approaches are needed to achieve low DPM (defects per million) levels and fast silicon bring-up times. With smaller geometries, there are un-modeled (un-anticipated) failure mechanisms that are often missed with the traditional stuck-at fault models used by traditional ATPG tools. LogicVision achieves high quality test through the application of a large number of at-speed pseudorandom test patterns, resulting in significantly greater defect coverage than alternative approaches. Additionally, LogicVision’s solution eliminates the often time consuming manufacturing test pattern debug step needed with ATPG approaches, thus enabling fast silicon bring-up and characterization.

“LogicVision’s embedded test solution has proven itself in helping semiconductor and system companies achieve very low DPM levels and fast silicon bring-up times while reducing overall cost of test,” said Jim Healy, president and CEO at LogicVision. “We’re excited to see that NEC Electronics is achieving excellent results with our Logic and Memory test solutions and look forward to working with them as they expand their adoption of our technologies.”

About LogicVision Inc.
LogicVision (Nasdaq: LGVN) provides proprietary technologies for embedded test and yield learning that enable more efficient manufacturing test of complex semiconductors. LogicVision’s embedded test solutions allow integrated circuit designers to embed test functionality into a semiconductor design that is used during semiconductor production test and throughout the useful life of the chip. The company’s advanced Design for Test (DFT) product line, ETCreate(TM), works together with Silicon Insight(TM) applications and Yield Insight(TM) to improve profit margins by reducing device field returns and test costs, accelerating silicon bring-up times and shortening both time to market and time to yield.