MagnaChip Develops Ultra Low Power Large Display Driver IC Process

MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd., a leading global designer, developer and manufacturer of image sensor solutions, mixed-signal and digital multimedia semiconductors, announced the launch of its ultra low power Large Display Driver IC (LDDI) process for use in notebook applications.

This unique solution supports the 0.18um process at low voltages, specifically, 2.5V and 9V, and provides for low power consumption. Currently, this process accommodates the smallest chip size available for notebook applications. Compared to the existing 0.3um processes in the market, this solution enables a 40% reduction in chip size and 30% less power consumption, thus supporting extended battery life.

Mr. Tae Young Hwang, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Display Solutions Division, said, “We remain focused on expanding our technology leadership in support of our customers worldwide. We have refined our large display solutions to offer the market the first low power, low voltage process with a smaller cell size. These enhancements provide a distinctive, competitive edge to our customers in the growing display market.”

About MagnaChip Semiconductor
MagnaChip Semiconductor is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of mixed-signal and digital multimedia semiconductors addressing the convergence of consumer electronics and communications devices. We focus on CMOS image sensors and flat panel display drivers, which are complex, high performance, mixed signal semiconductors that capture images and enable and enhance the features and capabilities of both small and large flat panel displays. MagnaChip also provides wafer foundry services utilizing CMOS high voltage, embedded memory, analog and power process technologies for the manufacture of IC’s for customer-owned designs.