Collabora Forms Multimedia Division

Open source development experts Collabora announced the formation of its new multimedia division. Led by leading open source multimedia experts Wim Taymans, Edward Hervey, Tim-Philipp Müller and Christian Schaller, Collabora Multimedia expands the company’s consultancy to now cover a wider range of multimedia services, with a strong focus on the GStreamer multimedia framework.

Collabora specialises in real time communications software development, bringing together the open source community and clients such as Nokia and OLPC to create solutions that benefit all involved.

GStreamer is a cross-platform, open source multimedia framework that serves a host of multimedia applications, such as video editors, streaming media broadcasters, video conferencing and media players. It is an integral part of the GNOME desktop environment as well as being used in a number of embedded devices such as the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet as well as being available on the Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

Overall the new division has over 25 years of GStreamer expertise. Wim Taymans is the lead designer, programmer and maintainer of GStreamer while Edward Hervey is the lead developer of the Pitivi video editing application and maintainer of the GStreamer Python bindings. Tim-Philipp Müller has led recent efforts to improve GStreamer plugins as well as working with the wider community to ensure community based improvements are merged into core modules. Christian Schaller has been an active member and advocate of free software for many years, particularly the GNOME and GStreamer open source projects. His experience includes having served on the GNOME Foundation board of directors.

“The launch of the new Collabora Multimedia division is a major milestone in our company development,” commented Robert McQueen, director, Collabora. “Recruiting these world-class experts will enable us to offer an expanded range of services to our international customers, taking on bigger and more complex projects based on the combination of our communications expertise and their unsurpassed multimedia knowledge.”

Collabora’s Telepathy real time communication project provides a unified framework for all forms of real time conversations, including instant messaging, IRC, voice calls and video calls. It incorporates Farsight, Collabora’s media streaming library.

“Having worked alongside the Collabora team on world leading projects in multimedia conferencing and Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP), we felt that partnering with them would be the best way to create a world leading multimedia development company,” commented Wim Taymans, GStreamer maintainer and Collabora Multimedia Lead Designer. “Bringing together Collabora’s strong market presence and our complementary skills will help us to drive open source development forward.”

As part of the launch of the Multimedia division, Collabora will open a new office in Barcelona, Spain. Along with the company’s expanded UK office in Cambridge and existing North American office in Montreal, Canada this will deliver an international presence to better serve its global customer base.

About Collabora
Collabora Ltd. is a Cambridge, UK based company specialising in open source development. With expertise in both real-time communications and open-source technologies including XMPP, SIP, RTP, D-Bus, GStreamer and Gtk+, it specialises in bringing companies and the open source software community together. Collabora provides clients, including Nokia and OLPC, with the knowledge, experience and infrastructure to meet their targets whilst allowing them to be an integral part of the open source community. Collabora has created a network of open source engineers from Europe and North America, and continues to expand this web further to include talented developers from around the world.