AMERICAN RELIANCE Introduces eLoad Virtual Panel

AMERICAN RELIANCE/AMREL introduces their new eLoad Virtual Panel, making the industry’s most user-friendly programming interface even friendlier. In today’s dynamic and fast-paced environment, mission critical applications require testing to begin now. AMREL’s eLoad Virtual Panel provides simpler and quicker navigation, and more testing flexibility. The development of the eLoad Virtual Panel is another customer driven feature for AMREL’s eLoad programmable electronic load line, demonstrating once again AMREL’s commitment to meeting their customer’s requirements.

For the user whose time is too tight to read through the manual, just download the eLoad’s Virtual Panel, connect the system and you are ready to go. AMREL’s Virtual Panel provides all important functions, operating modes, and configurations in the form of quick navigation keys, and user settings that can be saved to memory with a single click and reloaded each time.

For users working with computer interfaces that require precise control, SCPI commands entry, or a drop-down menu with frequently used commands, just select the eLoad’s program and connect via one of the eLoad’s many programmable interfaces.

For users working with complex or long command routines, command lists can be programmed via a text file and imported into AMREL’s eLoad Virtual Panel for automatic eLoad operation.

Download AMREL’s eLoad Virtual Panel today.

For applications requiring voltage and current data storage, AMREL’s eLoad Virtual Panel stores V/I data in conventional CSV format for data plotting and simple data capture/transfer.

Additional features include, Voltage/Current/Power Read back, programmable Voltage/Current/Power Read back Sampling Time, Protection Status Monitoring, which are all compatible with AMREL’s eLoad Models.

In short, AMREL’s eLoad Virtual Panel caters to diverse user control preferences by providing an alternate Full-featured, easy-to-navigate and time-saving GUI for the eLoad. Already the industry’s leading user-friendly front panel design, AMREL’s eLoad is now even friendlier.

AMREL/AMERICAN RELIANCE’S Power Division is responsible for designing, developing and manufacturing high quality programmable power supplies and electronic loads for industrial and military ATE markets. AMERICAN RELIANCE accommodates individual customer needs by offering one of the world’s widest selections of programmable power products on the market today, as well as providing custom designs and modifications. In addition, AMREL/AMERICAN RELIANCE’S Computer Division manufactures a wide range of rugged military and industrial computer solutions including rugged tablet, notebook, fixed on-board and PDA systems.