Cimetrix Unveils EDAConnect Interface A Software Solution

Cimetrix, Incorporated (OTC: CMXX), a leading provider of factory automation software and solutions for the global semiconductor and electronics industries, unveiled its latest Interface A software solution, EDAConnect(TM). EDAConnect(TM) is a client-side software library designed to assist integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and third party software providers in creating applications that can utilize the rich data available via the new Interface A connectivity standards commonly known as Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA).

Created by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) in cooperation with International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI), the Interface A standards provide a second connectivity port for on-demand, high-quality data to be used by IDM critical equipment engineering systems such as Advanced Process Control. EDAConnect allows IDMs to upgrade existing fab software systems or create new systems to make use of the Interface A data. Third party software equipment engineering systems providers can also use EDAConnect to upgrade their software to be Interface A enabled. EDAConnect can be used to generate Interface A testing solutions.

“Because Interface A uses modern technologies such as XML and SOAP, many believe that creating a client-side library should be easy,” noted Robert Reback, Cimetrix’s president and CEO. “However, the pitfalls come in dealing with performance, version independence, and supporting tools. By concentrating on these areas, our EDAConnect solution offers the most effective cost-of-ownership equation on the market.”

Providing high performance and ease of use, EDAConnect is designed using Microsoft .NET 2.0 and 3.0 technologies. A key feature of the new solution is an abstraction layer, which allows for SEMI standard version independence, providing both the client and the equipment the ability to use the same versions of the SEMI Interface A standards. As Interface A is adopted and revised, IDMs and third party software suppliers will have to support multiple, concurrent versions. The EDAConnect abstraction layer creates a migration path as the Interface A standards are upgraded as well as the ability to handle mixed standards versions within the same fab. Additional features include simplified data collection setup and data reception and built-in logging, caching, and queuing to minimize network bandwidth issues.

“Several years ago, Cimetrix made a firm commitment and large investment on the equipment side of Interface A with our award-winning CIMPortal(TM) solution,” stated Dave Faulkner, executive vice president of sales & marketing. “EDAConnect completes the other side of the Interface A wire. Through our experience with CIMPortal and our joint ECCE project with ISMI, we have been able to create a lean, high-performance solution that addresses the needs of IDMs and third party software suppliers.”

Cimetrix follows a disciplined development process that includes a formal Beta Program to validate the requirements and implementation phases of the product lifecycle. In September, the Beta version of EDAConnect became available to customers who are adopting the Interface A connectivity standards. The Beta Program will continue to run for six months. The EDAConnect software solution will be demonstrated October 9-11 at SEMICON Europa in Stuttgart, Germany at the Cimetrix stand #2847.

About Cimetrix Incorporated
Cimetrix is a software company that designs, develops, markets and supports factory automation solutions worldwide. Cimetrix’s connectivity software allows equipment manufacturers to quickly implement the SECS/GEM and Interface A standards, with over 10,000 connections shipped worldwide, and provides solutions to meet the 300mm SEMI communications standards, with equipment supplier installations in virtually every 300mm fab worldwide. Cimetrix’s PC-based motion control software is used by leading equipment manufacturers for demanding robotic applications. Cimetrix provides total solutions for its customers with engineering services and passionate technical support. Major products include CIMConnect(TM), CIM300(TM), CIMPortal(TM) and CODE(TM) (Cimetrix Open Development Environment).