Cirrus Logic Launches CS2XXX Clocking IC Family

Leveraging its experience and innovations in high-precision mixed-signal audio IC solutions, Cirrus Logic Inc. (NASDAQ: CRUS) is making a strong entry into the clocking IC market with the introduction of the CS2XXX family of products. Focusing on audio applications such as A/V receivers, mixing consoles, multitrack recorders, digital recorders and set-top boxes, these new ICs, which include the CS2000, CS2100, CS2200 and CS2300, give manufacturers a superior solution for managing the complicated task of ensuring clean clocks within audio system designs.

Precise clocking solutions are essential in electronics applications because they are used to synchronize the components used in professional and consumer audio equipment and directly affect audio quality. They are typically passive or active semiconductor components in an electrical circuit that provide a timing pulse for other components within that system. Currently, many applications require multiple clocking components to manage a variety of incoming audio signals. Comparatively, the CS2000 is unique because it offers both a clock generator feature and clock cleanup in a single IC. This integration reduces the number of components and board space required in audio systems. The ICs’ ability to significantly reduce jitter (noise) compared to current industry solutions makes them ideal for the pro audio and high-end consumer market, as well as mainstream consumer audio/video applications.

“Cirrus Logic’s experience in mixed-signal ICs fosters a deep understanding of the technical requirements, form factor, feature set and costs to compete and win in this market,” said Mark Sherwood, principal associate and founder of market research firm Consulting Services and Associates. “The new clocking family is a strong market entrant, offering a very low noise A/VR clock source that allows for expansion. The flexible architecture provides for a good range of granularity in generated frequencies and the overall loop provides for very good stability and low noise, making it a great solution for audio, video and consumer applications.”

The CS2XXX family is based on a hybrid analog/digital design. A Delta-Sigma Fractional-N Analog PLL Frequency Synthesizer is used to generate a low-jitter output clock relative to a reference clock. A Digital PLL can then be used to generate the multiplication factor for the analog PLL. Key features include:

  • 8 to 75MHz reference frequency
  • 6 to 75MHz output frequency
  • 50Hz to 30MHz input sync clock
  • Single 3.3V supply
  • Typical 75 ps RMS period jitter
  • Maximum +/- 0.5 PPM in high-resolution mode
  • Jitter reduction/multiplier mode
    • 50Hz to 30 MHz input sync clock
    • 1Hz jitter rejection corner frequency

The CS2XXX family includes the following:

  • CS2000: The CS2000 features both frequency synthesis/clock generation from a stable reference clock, as well as generation of a low-jitter clock relative to an external noisy synchronization clock, at frequencies as low as 50Hz.
  • CS2100: The CS2100 features clock multiplication and jitter reduction and is a subset of the CS2000.
  • CS2200: The CS2200 offers clock generation capability and is a subset of the CS2000.
  • CS2300: The CS2300 uses an internal LCO instead of an external crystal or reference clock for performing clocking multiplication and jitter reduction.

Each family has various modes of control:

  • I2C/SPI Control port for full parameter control
  • Hardware mode controlled by mode pins
    • Custom factory configured parts for high volume applications. These can be delivered in less than three weeks to customers from submission of the desired configuration.
    • Customer One-Time Programmable (OTP) for prototyping.

Cirrus Logic also provides a software Configuration Wizard in conjunction with development hardware which is ideal for development and prototyping of all the solutions. The development tools also provide a means of programming the OTP for customer prototyping.

Pricing and availability
The CS2XXX family, which is available in a 10-pin MSOP package, will be sampling to customers by the end of the year. Volume production is expected to begin in early 2008. Pricing for the CS2000 is $2.74, while the CS2100, CS2200, and CS2300 are priced at $1.52 in quantities of 10,000.

About Cirrus Logic Inc.
Cirrus Logic develops high-precision, analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for a broad range of consumer and industrial markets. Building on its diverse analog mixed-signal patent portfolio, Cirrus Logic delivers highly optimized products for consumer and commercial audio, automotive entertainment and industrial and aerospace applications. The company operates from headquarters in Austin, Texas, with offices in Tucson, Ariz., Europe, Japan and Asia. Cirrus Logic and Cirrus are trademarks of Cirrus Logic Inc.