Great Western Microsystems to Distribute AVIX-RT RTOS

Great Western Microsystems Ltd has been appointed by AVIX-RT as it’s European distributor for the New AVIX-RT RTOS, specifically developed for Microchip(TM) sixteen bit microcontrollers of PIC24 and dsPIC© families. The AVIX RTOS is available for purchase from The Debug Store, the On-line store of Great Western Microsystems.

AVIX fully exploits the extremely powerful interrupt architecture of the PIC24 and dsPIC© microcontrollers. AVIX accomplishes this by never disabling interrupts meaning it does not increase the interrupt latency as defined by the controller’s hardware. Still communication between interrupt handling code and the main part of the application is offered and nested interrupt handling is preserved. Doing so, AVIX deserves the title “Zero Latency Interrupt RTOS.”

Also AVIX offers a mechanism called “Thread Activation Tracing.” This mechanism gives unprecedented insight in the activation of threads running under control of AVIX. Using a logic analyser, AVIX offers the possibility to ‘see’ online and real time when threads are active turning the black box of RTOS based system development white.

Of course AVIX offers all mechanisms one may expect from a professional RTOS like threads, mutexes, semaphores and so on.

As of today, AVIX is available in three different distributions so it can be fitted to the developers’ application in the most economic way.

AVIX-RT is a Dutch company bringing to the market over 25 years of experience in professional embedded systems development with a specialization in concurrency. This knowledge has been used in many different environments and systems, ranging from digital VCR’s to X-Ray equipment. The main product of AVIX-RT is AVIX (Advanced Virtual Integrated eXecutive), an RTOS offering a number of unique properties not found in any other RTOS.

About The Debug Store
The Debug Store has been created by Great Western Microsystems Limited as it’s online trading store. The site, created in 2007 has been developed to provide embedded systems development engineers with a wide range of quality hardware development tools, test instruments and software tools, most of which are available from stock held in the UK with a fast, next-working day delivery service.