Jasper Design Automation Releases GamePlan Verification Planner v1.2

Further enhancing its free solution that addresses one of the key problems facing verification teams, Jasper Design Automation announced availability of GamePlan(TM) Verification Planner version 1.2, a powerful tool for generating and tracking verification plans. In version 1.2, GamePlan now includes the ability to import verification results. After an easy set-up that takes no more than a couple of hours, verification teams can begin reading verification results back into their test plan to efficiently track their verification progress. In addition, GamePlan also delivers improved search capabilities, active hyperlinks in analysis views for easy organization, and a new Undo/Redo feature for improved usability.

In release 1.2, GamePlan enables users to track verification progress by providing an open interface for reading verification results back into the testplan. The interface allows users to extract verification results by assertion names from standard verification tool reports and feed that data back into GamePlan to track verification progress across the entire plan.

“With this release of GamePlan, users now have a means to dynamically update their verification plan to track progress over time,” said Jay Littlefield, director of technical marketing and GamePlan product manager. “Since verification plan data and tracked results are stored together in an open XML format, users can now easily extract custom data sets for analysis, in addition to generating GamePlan’s powerful standard reports. The flexibility of GamePlan provides a means to integrate disparate technologies, such as formal and simulation, into a single cohesive verification effort.”

GamePlan’s Undo/Redo feature improves usability by allowing easy recovery from data entry errors or accidental deletions from the verification plan. The free tool also has improved search capabilities that highlight search results directly in the hierarchical plan tree. This is in addition to the highlighted searches in the data fields, thus expanding the search capabilities beyond just the active window. GamePlan now also provides active hyperlinks in the plan analysis views. The active links reference external verification plan documents, and are now accessible while analyzing the interrelationships between the design and testing environments.

“Since its initial introduction one year ago, GamePlan downloads have risen steadily, with the user community now estimated in the thousands from more than 230 industry-leading companies worldwide,” said Craig Cochran, vice president of marketing at Jasper Design Automation. “With its new interface for verification tool integration, as well as other value-added enhancements, the dynamic tracking of structured verification plans is made even easier. Based on the strongly positive industry reaction to GamePlan and verification planning in general, we hope to foster the development of a structured verification planning standard for maintaining and tracking verification progress.”

GamePlan Verification Planner 1.2 is free, and currently available for download from the Jasper Design Automation corporate website.

About GamePlan(TM) Verification Planner
GamePlan Verification Planner promotes collaboration within multiple verification teams by providing a single, comprehensive structured framework for identifying what design features need to be tested, what verification technologies are required for testing, and for prioritizing and tracking the progress of each feature tested. GamePlan Verification Planner fills the gaps in today’s verification flow by adding a process for systematic verification that can fit into any environment, and that respects all verification methods, including formal verification, simulation and others. By providing GamePlan as a free tool, Jasper Design Automation is enabling systematic use of formal verification alongside other technologies, and is taking a leading industry role in promoting a structured approach to verification.

About Jasper Design Automation
Jasper Design Automation, a privately-held Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company with a mission of making full formal IC verification a competitive advantage for its customers, is the leader in successful deployment of formal solutions in production verification environments. The company’s flagship product, JasperGold Verification System, is the first verification product to deliver complete “deep formal” systematic verification, ensuring correctness where it matters most. JasperGold formally verifies that complex IC design blocks meet high-level requirements defined in their specifications, and also pre-verifies IP blocks for use under all use modes, without any testbench development. JasperGold Express, Jasper’s formal ABV solution, provides the industry’s leading “light formal” solution, complementing simulation-based approaches by accelerating bug hunting as well as coverage attainment. The JasperGold family quickly isolates bugs with a fast, static debugging capability, and then proves the absence of bugs, trimming design schedules.

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