PCI Express Integrators List Gains Three More PLX Chips

PLX Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLXT), the leading global supplier of PCI Express® (PCIe®) switch and bridge silicon, announced three more PCIe products have passed the stringent interoperability and compliance testing needed to be included on the PCI-SIG® integrators list. There now are 25 PLX® PCIe switches and bridges on the venerable list today, with several more in development.

The ExpressLane(TM) PEX 8509 and PEX 8505 PCIe switches have met all of the PCIe r1.1 specification requirements, while both forward- and reverse-mode versions of the PEX 8112 PCIe-PCI bridge have met the PCIe r1.0a conditions. The PCI-SIG integrators list includes all products that have successfully completed the rigorous testing procedures of the compliance workshops and many companies refer to the list when making purchases.

Interoperability plays a critical role by ensuring seamless and reliable hardware and software communication between wide varieties of applications. PLX has an extensive internal lab chartered to qualify PLX switches, bridges and other devices in broad applications such as PC laptops, desktops, servers, embedded I/O applications, and other advanced interconnect technologies.

The PLX PEX 8509 (eight lanes, eight ports, 1.2W) and PEX 8505 (five lanes, five ports, 0.8W) switches offer feature-rich PCIe connectivity attributes, including PLX’s proprietary Cut-Thru design, that dramatically lower latency (118ns in the PEX8509, 138ns in the PEX 8505) for maximum switch throughput; three integrated on-chip Hot-Plug controllers; true peer-to-peer functionality; and highly flexible and configurable ports. The switches, first to market in small 15x15mm packaging, are perfect for control planes in the communications and networking markets, as well as notebook and docking stations, industrial-control systems, medical imaging, embedded systems, and consumer products such as set-top boxes, digital video recorders and multi-function printers.

The PEX 8112 is a high performance PCIe bridge that enables designers to design legacy PCI bus interfaces to the advanced serial PCIe interconnect and vice versa. This two-port device is equipped with a single-lane PCIe port and a parallel bus segment supporting the conventional PCI operation. The PEX 8112 is ideal for designing existing PCI ICs on a PCIe adapter board such as for the ExpressCard(TM) platform. The 10x10mm standard BGA package makes the PEX 8112 bridge well suited for applications where board real estate is at a premium and its low power 0.15 micron CMOS design consumes only 400mW of power.

PLX’s 26 PCIe switches and bridges provide board and system designers with the most extensive and proven lineup of products. The company’s PCIe switches range in density from three to 12 ports and from five to 48 lanes, while the PCIe bridges provide PCI, PCI-X and local-bus support. The PLX portfolio includes the highest performance per watt, with latency as low as 110ns, as well as integrated non-transparency (NT) and Hot-Plug functionality to help reduce customer’s bill of material costs. All PLX PCI Express products are fully supported with a full Rapid Development Kit (RDK) family of hardware and software tools to accelerate design cycles.

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PLX Technology, Inc., based in Sunnyvale, Calif., USA, is the world’s leading supplier of PCI Express and other standard I/O interconnect semiconductors to the communications, server, storage, embedded-control, and consumer markets. The company provides a competitive advantage through an integrated combination of experience, high-performance silicon, hardware and software design tools, and global partnerships. These innovative solutions enable our customers to develop equipment with industry-leading performance, scalability and reliability that allows them to bring designs to market faster.

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