Intel Ranks First in Evans Data Embedded Systems Development Survey

More than twice as many developers are using Intel tools for multi-core development than tools from any other vendor, according to the new Evans Data Embedded Systems Development Survey, just released to subscribers last week. Nearly half (46.1%) of all embedded systems developers were using tools from Intel for multi-core work – far more than those using tools from other vendors including AMD, Wind River, Green Hills, QNX and others.

“Being the primary producer of multi-core processors gives Intel a significant opportunity to dominate the future of embedded systems development,” said John Andrews, President and CEO of Evans Data Corp., “And the fact that they’re cultivating a developer community and providing developers with the tools and programs they need shows that they know how to take advantage of that opportunity.”

The survey also showed that tools are the most important consideration in the selection of a microprocessor for a project, more important than other factors, including cost, performance and support.

The survey was conducted August 2007 and covers a broad range of development topics in relation to embedded systems, such as hardware and software platforms, SoCs, FPGAs, tools, languages, targeted devices, and multi-core processors. Other findings from this survey of over 500 embedded systems developers include:

  • Over 75% of embedded systems developers use some third-party IP
  • Two-thirds of developers working on embedded systems for multi-core processors are targeting homogeneous cores
  • Two-thirds of developers working with embedded systems say that having access to the source code for the Runtime Operating System they’re targeting is either very important or extremely important

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