Xcerion Rolls Out XML Internet Operating System Beta Program

Xcerion, the Swedish company behind the revolutionary XML Internet OS, the world’s next operating system has after 6 years in “stealth mode” officially announced the Beta launch.

Daniel Arthursson, CEO of Xcerion, said, “We are excited to launch our initial beta program. The launch represents an important milestone for Xcerion. Yesterday, September 30th we let our first limited group of beta testers try the XIOS/3 system. Next month we will start releasing more features including applications. It feels great to finally be able to disclose our global Internet service. Our scaleable Internet OS with offline capabilities that enables extreme rapid development of software opens up a new era of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Hundreds of applications lend themselves to be easily moved to the OS.

Xcerion's XML Internet Operating System (XIOS/3)In preparation for the public beta launch later this year, the limited beta program is targeted at the global developer community. It provides developers the tools for developing applications.

“We want to create opportunities for developers to create user-friendly software that runs within the browser without any plug-ins. This is the beginning of a fundamental shift in computing as the web browser reinvents itself from being an information browsing tool to becoming an application platform and API, turning the traditional OS into a commodity.”

The initial beta includes the core operating system, user desktop, applications, virtual XML file system and a XML text editor for writing applications.

Planned features in Q4 2007 are:

  • Visual drag-and-drop development environment for building XML applications
  • Productivity applications (word, presentation, email, calendar, rss-reader)
  • Marketplace for finding, sharing and selling applications and content
  • Firefox browser support (currently IE6+ is supported)

About Xcerion
Founded in 2001 by Daniel Arthursson, Xcerion AB (xcerion.com) provides an XML Internet OS as a Web 2.0 Internet service. The service changes how software is distributed, sold and developed. It includes a complete OS, productivity tools and applications needed for everyday computing and scales for millions of users. Core technology is a new OS driven by an XML Virtual Machine. Xcerion is based in Linkoping, Sweden and Seattle, USA. Key management team includes, Daniel Arthursson CEO, Jonas Thornholm CFO and Marcus Bristav CTO. Xcerion is privately held and backed by Northzone Ventures, Scandinavia’s leading VC firm with US $450 million under management.