OKI, System Fabrication Technologies Team on System-in-Silicon

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (TOKYO:6703) and System Fabrication Technologies Inc.(SFT) announced their agreement to begin volume production of System-in-Silicon®, the next generation architecture with SFT’s SISRAM® memory.

“We are pleased to announce the practical use of System-in-Silicon technology which was jointly developed with OKI, and we expect information devices using this technology to be launched in the market in 2008. This technology enables advances in image processing as it achieves high-speed and low power consumption transmission between large capacity memory and logic LSI,” said Kenji Yoshida, President and CEO of System Fabrication Technologies. “System-in-Silicon has a larger capacity memory than that of an embedded DRAM, while compared to ASIC + DDR structure systems, it is smaller and has lower power consumption. By consigning the production to OKI, who holds one of the best fine processing and packaging technologies in the world, we are ready to manufacture System-in-Silicon in volume.”

System-in-Silicon®, developed by SFT, achieves a high bandwidth and embeds a large capacity memory while maintaining low power consumption that cannot be found in other technologies. Leveraging this characteristic, customers are developing applications for image processing in mobile information terminals, and high image quality TVs. System-in-Silicon is a multi-chip module with SISRAM® memory and SoC on a silicon interposer, and micro bumps to bond the SoC. This SISRAM has a transmitting speed of 8.5GB/sec (max) and capacity of 512M (max). This module has a transmission rate equivalent to that of several existing DDR-type SDRAMs, and eliminates various issues associated with transmitting between logic and memory at high speed (i.e.: power requirements, noise, timing adjustments, increase of substrate). In addition, because the transmission rate and memory capacity can be optimized, it also contributes to cost reduction.

“We are known for our competitive edge in shrinking LSI packaging using our wafer-level fine processing technology as a core. OKI already mass produces wafer-level CSP, which achieves a package size equivalent to an LSI chip,” said Takaki Yamada, President of Silicon Microdevice Company at Oki Electric Industry. “By applying OKI’s leading edge packaging technology such as micro bumps to SFT’s System-in-Silicon technology, we will be establishing a volume production structure for System-in-Silicon, the next generation chips.”

Going forward, SFT plans to develop new customers with the next generation chip in the growing market including information devices such as mobile phones, portable game consoles, and automotive AV devices. OKI will start production of 8-inch wafer in volume, however assessing the market trend, it will shift to 12-inch wafers to respond to the production increase for next generation chips.

About System Fabrication Technologies
System Fabrication Technologies, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor venture company founded in 2003. It aims at putting System-in-Silicon®, SISRAM memory with a unique architecture, in practical use by leveraging venture capital investments and adopting two NEDO#1 grants. System-in-Silicon is being closely watched by both domestic and overseas digital appliances manufacturers because of its higher on-chip memory bandwidth compared to conventional SoCs and development advantages, such as low-cost and short-term development, and is currently under development for mass production.

About Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1881, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. is Japan’s first telecommunications manufacturer, with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. OKI provides top-quality products, technologies and solutions to its customers through its info-telecom system business, semiconductor business and printer business. All three businesses function as a collective force to create exciting new products and technologies that satisfy a spectrum of customer needs in various markets.

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