Agilent Expands High-Definition Multimedia Interface Test Platform

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) announced expanded solutions for its High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) test platform that are designed to reduce development costs and provide accurate test results. The solutions address four sectors: source testing, sink testing, media physical layer evaluation and protocol test.

Agilent’s expanded HDMI test platform includes the E4887A HDMI TMDS signal generator platform, which provides every configuration the ability to test combined and separate jitter tolerance compliance and characterization testing.

“We have the knowledge and history of developing tools that focus on the physical, data-link and protocol layers of HDMI,” said David Churchill, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s Network and Digital Solutions Division. “And, Agilent is an active member of the HDMI Organization, so we’re constantly abreast of the standards and compliance issues facing our industry. This keeps us poised to help our customers and partners meet the opportunities and challenges presented by HDMI.”

Many Authorized Test Centers use the Agilent HDMI test platform. Two additional companies recently selected the Infiniium oscilloscope with Agilent’s HDMI 1.3 Compliance Test Specification (CTS) to easily and rapidly isolate problems, measure data and determine whether device tests have passed or failed:

  • Quantum Data, which builds test equipment to identify and solve interoperability issues between audio/visual products, chose the Agilent HDMI 1.3 CTS to see how new instrument design changes have affected waveform quality. Agilent’s Infiniium Web interface made it possible for Quantum to receive an accurate statement of results over its network.
  • The NXP Semiconductors France Authorized Test Center is using the Agilent HDMI hardware and N5990 A test automation platform software for compliance testing. NXP benefits from the solution’s signal quality, short calibration process, test execution times, jitter insertion features and ease-of-use functionality.

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