Cambridge DMR Launches Integrated Software Packaging Service

Digital media reproduction company, Cambridge DMR, have announced the launch of a fully integrated software packaging service that will enable software developers to reliably outsource the duplication, printing, packaging and shipment of new products. Cambridge DMR are a leader in the duplication and printing of CD’s, DVD’s and Flash Drives working especially within the business to business sector and scientific and engineering.

“Traditionally we have been expert in the high quality duplication and printing of CD’s and DVD’s but increasingly we are being asked to provide inserts, version control, packaging and even shipment,” said Philip Allingham, Sales manager at Cambridge DMR. “Many of these products have different versions targeting different markets, so we have developed a lot of expertise in this area and have now decided to offer this service as a complete package.”

Cambridge DMR clients range from national biotech companies to leading academic organisations. In additional to the creation of CD and DVD media for entertainment, Cambridge DMR produces digital media products for such sectors as education, business software, scientific and engineering software and promotional Flash Drives, CD’s and DVD’s for marketing and conferences.

“We’ll now offer a one stop shop,” said Philip. “We’ll handle the entire process, including the development of artworks and packaging and the organisation of printed material. The benefit to our clients is that they will be able to focus on their product development rather than be distracted by the logistics and issues surrounding the final packaging stage of the process. We also have the technology and expertise to ensure that every product meets the highest quality standards as well as being able to meet tight deadlines.”

Cambridge-DMR is one of the first companies in the world to use the Copytrax Project 37 CD and DVD industrial printing machine. The Project 37 is a CD/DVD printer designed for industrial volume production. Capable of printing 1200 discs per hour, Project 37 introduces the many commercial and operational benefits of direct-on-disk printing to the higher volume producer of media products. Project 37 has also set a new industry standard for image quality and durability with its advanced colour management and integral UV coating technology.

“With the Project 37 machine, the whole process is digital so we can run small batches as easily as large ones and without the need to charge for costly tooling and setting up time, said Philip. “Clearly, this also means we can deliver in shorter time-frames, so it’s easy to see that Project 37 will be great news for software developers seeking to ship small and medium batches volumes in short timescales.”

About Cambridge DMR
With over 10 years’ experience, C-DMR is a leader in the project management of digital media production with success based on the highest levels of service and quality available within the industry. In addition to this, C-DMR is a part of Copytrax, a world leader in the development of CD and DVD duplication and printing technology, enabling C-DMR to benefit from the most up to date technology available worldwide.