TrendChip, Ralink Unveil 802.11n Wi-Fi ADSL2+ Gateway Reference Platform

TrendChip Technologies Corporation, a leading xDSL IC developer and provider, and Ralink Technology Corporation, a leading wireless LAN chipset solutions, have jointly announced the launch of an industry leading 802.11n WiFi ADSL2+ gateway reference platform that integrates a full spectrum of ADSL2+ technologies developed by TrendChip with the advanced 802.11n draft 2.0 wireless LAN technology developed by Ralink Technology Corporation.

This reference platform consists of TrendChip’s TC3162L SOC, the industry’s most cost competitive ADSL2+ gateway processor, with Ralink’s RT2880 SOC, the industry’s first Wireless LAN Intelligent Network Interface Card (iNIC) design, to provide a greater than 120 Megabits per second (Mb/s) throughput for whole-home distribution of multimedia contents.

Shinjou Fang, CEO of TrendChip Technologies Corp. stated, “By offering the industry’s best price-performance 802.11n WiFi ADSL2+ turnkey solution by integrating Ralink’s leading wireless technology, TrendChip is enabling manufacturers to deliver the best performance and most cost-effective next-generation WiFi ADSL2+ residential gateways that deliver the full value of 802.11n networking at home.”

TrendChip’s TC3162L is a high performance ADSL2/2+ Bridge/Router SOC (System-On-Chip) Processor, which provides high processing power, enhanced INP feature for IPTV, advanced IP routing and bridging functionalities, supporting of best-in-class quality of service (QoS) and high throughput performance.

The RT2880 is the industry’s first Wireless LAN Intelligent Network Interface Card (iNIC) on a chip. It is a SoC that integrates Ralink’s 2T3R (2-Transmit, 3-Receive) Baseband and Media Access Control (MAC) chips with a MIPS4K CPU.

“The RT2880′s innovative iNIC architecture will accelerate the adoption of 802.11n into the broadband CPE market,” said Rick Jeng, President of Ralink Technology. “The collaboration between TrendChip and Ralink is designed to provide the ideal ADSL 802.11n solution to our customers to maximize the WLAN experience.”

The 802.11n WiFi ADSL2+ reference platform is now available. Customers can have the advantage of time-to-market by adopting this turnkey solution from TrendChip.

About Ralink Technology Corporation
Ralink Technology Corporation is a leading innovator and developer of wireless LAN chipset solutions. Ralink 802.11x chipsets are recognized for superior throughput, extended range, low-power consumption and consistent reliability demanded by Wi-Fi, mobile and embedded applications. Ralink Technology was founded in 2001 with headquarter in Hsin-chu, Taiwan and a R&D center in Cupertino, California.

About TrendChip Technologies Corporation
TrendChip Technologies Corporation, founded in 2001, is a fast growing communication IC company that focuses on broadband ICs such as DSL chipsets. TrendChip has shipped more than 14 million sets of DSL chipset, the majority are installed in Europe. Thirty telephony companies/ISP in more than twenty countries worldwide have successfully deployed TrendChip’s xDSL chipsets. TrendChip is headquartered at Suite 215, Bldg. 53, No.195, Sec.4, Chung Hsing Rd., Chutung, Hsinchu, Taiwan 310, R.O.C., Tel: +886-3-591-0108.