Saelig Offers HF-6080 Affordable Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

HF-6080 Spectrum Analyzer is a new, economical, full-featured EMC measurement device for evaluating emissions from 1 MHz to 7 GHz. Finally answering the requirements of electronics engineers and environmental measurement technicians, HF-6080 is an easy-to-use, affordable portable unit with a USB2.0 interface, offering instant spectrum analysis and display with dynamic range from -90dBm to +10dBm, or to +30dBm with optional precision attenuator.

HF-6080′s built-in high performance DSP allows ultra-fast FFT and DFT calculations for simultaneous frequency, spectrum and signal strength displays. A large FSTN 3.2″ x 2.4″ display clearly shows measurement results. A bar-graph display showing signal strength automatically indicates exact frequency and signal levels for the strongest signal sources.

Saelig HF-6080 Handheld Spectrum AnalyzerHF-6080′s professional tripod socket enables accurate long-term emission recordings – indispensable for appliance and machinery evaluation with time-dependent power consumption or radiation (e.g. railroads, power lines and plants, home appliances, power cables, phone transmission towers, mobile phones, radar etc.) Now you can discover sporadic EMC problems – otherwise very hard to detect. An integrated USB 2.0 interface allows PC-connection for enhanced signal analysis and reporting. Built-in audio output provides extra feedback, and also conveniently reproduces AM and FM demodulated signals.

At the push of a button with HF-6080 you can now automatically perform EMI exposure limit calculations – formerly an awkward, complex procedure even for the professional, since often a wild mixture different frequencies, modulations and signal strengths is present. Highly complex calculations compared to authorized exposure limits, precautionary limits and recommendations are now immediately available to design engineers.

HF-6080 includes free PC analysis software, a professional directional antenna, detachable miniature rod antenna, 1300mAh NiMH battery with charger, detachable handle with miniature tripod, 1m SMA cable, a sturdy custom-padded aluminum carrying-case, and a comprehensive manual. HF-6080 offers unbeatable value for money and is available now at $1299.00 from stock from Saelig Co. Inc. Pittsford NY.