Texas Instruments, Avnet Present Filter Design for PWM Systems Webcast

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) and Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas will present a live Analog eLab(TM) Webcast for designers titled “Filter Design for PWM Systems, Digital Audio vs. Switching Supplies” on Wednesday, October 10, 2007, at 11:00 a.m. CDT (18:00 hrs CET). The webcast will highlight how the function of an L-C filter is modified when used with a power converter or a Class-D amplifier. During the webcast, TI analog expert Bill Klein, P.E., and eLab panelists Fred Shipley of TI and Val Rhodes of Avnet will discuss how to maximize performance of the L-C filter in various designs.

One of the most important circuit blocks used with a power converter or Class-D amplifier is the L-C filter. When used in a power converter application, the filter stores the energy, which is then bucked to a lower voltage or boosted to a higher voltage. When used in a Class-D amplifier application, the output L-C filter improves the audio quality. This is accomplished by removing the carrier frequency and out-of-band noise, facilitating EMC compliance by attenuating the RF component of the switching waveform and improving the reliability by limiting di/dt during a short-circuit error condition.

During the lab session, the panelists will highlight the key parameters in the L-C filter design for the two applications and offer a simplified approach to the L-C filter design for the Class-D amplifier. Through simulation and a lab experiment, the panelists will illustrate the effect of correct and incorrect inductor selection in the output filter of a Class-D amplifier.

Analog eLab Webcast Engineers
Bill Klein, P.E., is the host for the TI Analog eLab Webcast. Klein is a senior applications engineer with the precision analog division of TI. He joined TI through its acquisition of Burr-Brown in August 2000. Klein is the author of more than 100 magazine articles, application notes and conference papers. His experience as an analog circuit designer covers 35 years in fields ranging from mineral exploration to nuclear medical imaging.

Fred Shipley is a senior applications engineer in the audio power amplifier group at Texas Instruments. His areas of focus are Class-AB amplifiers and both analog-input and digital-input Class-D amplifiers. Shipley earned a BST degree from the University of Houston and completed course work on a MSCS. He holds several patents in data security, analog circuitry and thermal management.

Val Rhodes is the technology director for Avnet Electronics Marketing. He has several years of experience designing wireless products for Fortune 500 companies and has OFDM technology contributions and patents in IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.15 and IEEE 802.16. Rhodes earned a BSEE from The University of Arizona and a MSEE and MBA from Arizona State University.

In addition to webcasts, TI offers analog engineers a wide-ranging support infrastructure that includes training and seminars, design tools and utilities, technical documentation, evaluation modules, an online knowledge base, a product information hotline and a comprehensive offering of samples that ship within 24 hours of request. TI keeps the engineer in mind throughout the design process by providing tools, systems expertise and technical support to help customers get to market quickly.

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