ICS Triplex to Launch AADvance Safety and Critical Control System

ICS Triplex, will be at stand 1216 at the ISA Expo 2007 (2-4 October), Houston, TX, to launch its latest safety and critical control system, AADvance, to the US market. AADvance is the next step in automation advancement, offering customers greater levels of choice, flexibility and scaleability from their safety and critical control system. Designed to integrate with the market leading Trusted(TM) TMR system expanding the SCCS markets and applications that are available to ICS Triplex today. AADvance is a cost-effective, distributed, and intuitive, centrally managed control solution that offers the customer a number of significant benefits.

A key feature of the AADvance system is its scaleablilty in size, safety and availability. From small quantity I/O to large systems, non-safety to SIL 3 (AADvance is TUV certified as suitable for use in applications up to SIL 3), and fail-safe to multiple fault tolerant.

The AADvance software environment provides centralised control over a plant-wide safety management system via the AADvance Engineering Workstation. This allows users to control and update all the systems that reside in the AADvance environment from a single access point.

The distributed, modular based architecture of the AADvance system has a high environmental specification, enabling AADvance controller hardware to be situated close to the plant / processes that is being protected, ensuring fast response times to event management and reduction of installation time, while the localised control functionality limits the requirement for heavy and extensive cabling. Each module is connected to the central system via a single or fault tolerant Ethernet cable, streamlining the way in which control signals are collated and analysed. This also means that the growing interest in expanding production facilities through the addition of pre-assembled self-contained units or SKID packages can be served by the AADvance system. Here a control module situated in the self-contained facility can easily be plugged into a plant’s overall safety management system via a single or fault tolerant connection.

The development of AADvance will allow users in a wider range of markets to benefit from ICS Triplex’s market-leading safety and critical control solutions. AADvance is a cost-effective solution designed for customers with a wider range of safety and fault tolerance needs. Designed to be fully scaleable in size, safety and reliability, it will allow the creation of made to measure integrated safety systems in a number of markets including the oil and gas, power, petrochemical and chemical sectors.

AADvance is the result of extensive research and product development by ICS Triplex to create a solution that addresses many of the shortfalls of current safety and critical control systems – principally the ‘one size fits all’ approach that fails to accommodate for the true complexity of most production facilities. By providing customers with the ability to specify the safety level, scale and fault tolerance of specific processes within their system, rather than insisting on a blanket approach, AADvance is set to change the way in which safety management is viewed.

Key features and benefits of the AADvance solution include:

  • Total central control
    • The AADvance environment allows users to control and update their plant-wide safety management system from a single access point, vastly reducing time spent updating individual terminals and the margin for human error.
  • A ‘distributed’ module based system
    • AADvance controller hardware is module-based and ideal for the next generation of ‘distributed’ safety and critical control systems. This distributed solution has significant benefits:

      • Reduced integration time
      • Modules can sit near the plant they protect, making them more responsive to a small number of signals
      • Localised control reduces the need for heavy extensive cabling, making them ideal for applications such as offshore platforms
      • Modules can be connected to the network via a single or fault tolerant Ethernet cable
  • Total scaleability in safety, size and availability
    • Processes requiring everything from ‘non-safety’ to SIL 3 safety levels can be individually specified within a single integrated solution, making AADvance:

      • Flexible: a bespoke rather than one size fits all approach to safety management
      • Cost-effective: customers only get as much safety as they need at the level of individual processes.
    • AADvance accommodates all levels of fault tolerance, simple ‘fail safe’ to Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) within a single system, meaning:
      • Low complexity, safety critical processes can be simply managed
      • Complex safety critical processes can be managed intelligently and to a market-leading level of fault tolerance
      • Non fault tolerance are also available for low to mid-range processes
      • AADvance ensures both maximum availability and cost-effectiveness
    • AADvance is designed to control systems of all sizes, with individual controllers able to accommodate from small to large I/O
    • TUV Certified as suitable for use in applications up to SIL 3
  • Horizontal and Vertical compatibility
    • The AADvance environment has been developed to integrate seamlessly with existing ICS Triplex proprietary systems as well as third party AADvance enabled equipment.

      • These include DCS open control networks, HMI and Scada.
  • Intelligent system management
    • AADvance reduces the incidence of costly spurious trips while maintaining high safety standards through use of smart instrument data
    • Supporting software tools are available to help users with asset and functional safety management

About ICS Triplex plc
ICS Triplex plc, a Rockwell Automation company, has over 40 years of experience in developing, engineering, manufacturing and maintaining safety, critical and control solutions for both onshore and offshore installations. Thousands of systems have been supplied to the world’s premier companies in oil and gas, refining, petrochemicals, chemicals and power generation. Applications include emergency shutdown, fire and gas detection, burner management, process control and turbomachinery & compressor control. The origins of the company are in the supply of fully integrated turnkey solutions for safety, critical and control systems. The industry leading Trusted(TM) system is also available through a network of independent integrators and third party organizations which are certified by ICS Triplex, providing customers with a local source of Trusted(TM) products and services. ICS Triplex is headquartered in the U.K. With offices around the world, ICS Triplex helps customers to improve their profitability, building value for end users and shareholders alike.