Virtutech Simics Simulator Supports IBM Mambo Processor Model

Virtutech, Inc., the leading provider of virtualized software development solutions for electronic systems, announced that it is creating an API to incorporate processor models from IBM’s simulator, Mambo, into Virtutech’s full-system simulator, Simics. Mambo is a full-system simulation environment that has been widely used in the exploration of IBM POWER Architecture processor and system design.

Virtutech previously announced that IBM is leveraging Simics for its POWER Server product line. With this new interface, IBM can deploy Simics faster. This early access is very useful during architecture exploration work, especially when the processors are still being designed.

By incorporating its Mambo processor model into Simics, IBM enables its developers to leverage the Simics virtualized software development platform to identify design issues that may affect functionality and performance far earlier in the development cycle, when they are much less costly to correct.

“I am pleased that IBM has enabled Virtutech, and that Virtutech has opened its Simics API to interface with IBM’s Mambo processor models — this demonstrates not only a growing relationship with Virtutech, but a commitment to the development of standards,” said Patrick Bohrer, senior technical staff member from IBM Austin Research Labs. “By working closely with the industry’s top system simulation firm, Virtutech, we are addressing our customer needs and advancing full-system simulation.”

The growth in complexity of system components has placed a new emphasis on the simulation of system behavior. As interactions among processors and components become increasingly important in system design, access to the full-system simulation capabilities of the Virtutech Simics platform has become an indispensable tool for the evaluation of new systems. Virtualized software development provides semiconductor manufacturers with a simulated environment where everything is deterministic, everything can be seen, everything can be controlled, and software developers can perform “what if” scenarios without real-world hardware constraints.

“Our customers request more processor models with earlier availability for deeper and broader deployment of Simics,” said John Lambert, CEO of Virtutech, Inc. “Our interface with the IBM golden processor model from Mambo is a perfect path to support this growing market requirement. Furthermore, this announcement is another milestone in the IBM and Virtutech relationship in support of IBM’s POWER server product line development.”

About Mambo
Mambo is a system simulator developed by IBM Research Labs to meet the needs of IBM hardware and software designers for fast, accurate, execution-driven simulation of complete systems, incorporating parameterized architectural models. This environment enables the development and tuning of production-level operating systems, compilers, and critical software support well in advance of hardware availability, which can significantly shorten the critical path of system development.

About Virtutech
Virtutech, Inc. is the leading provider of virtualized software development solutions. Virtutech’s flagship solution Simics models electronic systems with high performance and fidelity, providing a programmer-friendly environment throughout the product development lifecycle. Simics eliminates software developers’ dependence on hardware and drives concurrent hardware and software development, enabling its customers to optimize productivity, experience lower capital expenditure, accelerate time to market, improve the quality of the released product and reduce project risk. Virtutech serves the needs of the world’s leading OEMs in the high-performance computing, aerospace and defense, telecommunications, and networking industries. Their customers include Cisco, Ericsson, Honeywell, IBM and Smiths Aerospace. Virtutech is headquartered in San Jose, Calif.