GDA Technologies Introduces Data Cruncher PCI-Express Card

GDA Technologies, Inc. (San Jose), a fast growing IP and Electronic Design Services (EDS) company announced the market-leading availability of the “Data Cruncher” PCI-Express card equipped with a Quad port Gigabit Network Interface using Freescale Semiconductor’s MPC8548E PowerQUICCIII(TM) processor built on Power Architecture(TM) technology.

Intended to use in mTCA & ATCA or plugged into x86 systems, the – MPC8548E-based PCI-Express card is designed with four high-performance Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and up to 8 lanes of PCI Express verified in both target & host modes, for embedded applications in pervasive computing, media servers, storage networking, wireless infrastructure, enterprise network access systems and next generation telecommunication systems.

Running at 1.3GHz with up to 512 MB on-board DDR2 memory, the GDA 8548E Data Cruncher delivers performance beyond 3065 MIPS; thus redefining the standard for high- performance boards. The highly integrated MPC8548E processor architecture improves system performance, simplifies board design, lowers power consumption, and reduces system implementation cost, while addressing heat constraints of x86 systems and similar environments.

This powerful, security-feature rich, cost-effective solution comes with embedded Linux(R) OS and device drivers including PCI Express Messaging Driver in the on-board flash. This control plane driver, running on both the host and target systems, directly interfaces the applications and controls the MPC8548E DMA engine for all data transfers between the host system and the target over the PCI-Express. The integrated encryption algorithms in 8548E used for secure data transfer over the quad Gigabit Ethernet ports complete the feature list and makes this system suitable for applications like storage networking, media server, etc.

GDA is currently working with leading software application stack providers to provide targeted software solutions such as TCP/IP Offload Engine, VPN Client and Security Engine, to enable this platform into shippable end products at a rapid pace.

“A range of products based on PowerQUICCIII(TM) is aimed at helping our customers accelerate their own innovations and get to market much faster and with significantly reduced risk. Infact, GDA is one of the first companies to offer the leading-edge MPC8548E on a high-performance industry-standard platform with a standard AMC connector and can also run seamlessly in target mode and supported with Linux source code. The MPC8548E-based Data Cruncher is the latest addition to GDA’s portfolio of Freescale PowerQUICCIII(TM) processor-based reference platforms, which have already become segment bestsellers,” said Gopa Periyadan, VP & GM of the System and Software unit at GDA Technologies. “The GDA 8548E PCI-Express card – is already available for sale from HiTech Global and Arrow Electronics.”

With its included encryption capability for the ETSI implementation of the Kasumi (MISTY) algorithm (F8/F9) needed for 3G GSM voice encryption support, the GDA 8548E PCI-Express card is an ideal compute platform for wireless infrastructure applications. Also included is support for DES, 3DES, MD-5, SHA-1/2, AES, RSA, RNG and ARC-4 encryption algorithms enabling robust communications at very high speeds combined with TCP/IP checksum acceleration and QoS support. XOR acceleration in hardware also supports software based RAID systems, allowing for integration of networks to storage systems.

“With the MPC8548E based Data Cruncher and AdvancedMC solutions, embedded developers and system integrators who desire the powerful capabilities of PowerQUICCIII(TM) processors may quickly migrate to higher performance levels while leveraging proven development platforms to reduce the time and cost of getting to market.”

About GDA Technologies
GDA Technologies is a leading Electronic Design Services (EDS) and Silicon Intellectual Property (SIP) solution provider for the Embedded, Networking, and Consumer Electronics Market. GDA is part of the L&T Infotech Product Engineering Services (PES) offerings, which aims to provide end-to-end product design capability to its customers. GDA has developed many high performance IP cores for computer and networking interfaces including HyperTransport, 10 Gigabit Ethernet MAC, and SPI4.2. Additionally, GDA designs systems, boards, SoCs, ASICs, and FPGA’s from concept to product levels. The company has successfully developed IPs and products in the areas of high-speed handheld embedded solutions, digital video applications, Internet appliances, voice and data networking applications, and non-form factor PC architectures. GDA is headquartered in San Jose, CA, with satellite design centers in Boston, Sacramento, Chennai, Kochi, and Bangalore.

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