Pyxis Technology, PDF Solutions Drive Higher Yields

Pyxis Technology, the design for manufacturing (DFM) routing company, announced that it is delivering software products based on a multi-year license agreement with PDF Solutions. PDF Solutions’ process-characterized yield data is utilized directly within Pyxis’ NexusRoute DFM-aware yield-driven auto router. Pyxis and PDF Solutions have been working together since early 2006 to leverage the pDfx(R) technology to address manufacturing complexities of routing in advanced technology nodes. The incorporation of pDfx(R) into NexusRoute is designed to deliver faster design closure and yield ramp to clients and better predicted yield for designers by bringing real world manufacturing data directly into the integrated circuit (IC) implementation phase.

“Pyxis’ routing software architecture is robust enough to take full advantage of our extensive yield modeling for random, systematic, and parametric yield data,” said Kimon Michaels, co-founder and vice president of design for manufacturability at PDF Solutions. “Their ability to address all three types of yield limiters allows designers to optimize routing for manufacturability and yield. The objective is a broader process window for the design, making it less susceptible to process variations, which is a key factor for yield in technologies at 65nm and below.”

“Our goal at Pyxis is to reduce design closure time by providing outstanding IC implementation software that is tightly linked to manufacturing,” said Phil Bishop, president and CEO of Pyxis Technology. “The incorporation of pDfx(R) from PDF Solutions is designed to provide design teams with a direct link to accurate manufacturing and yield data, allowing us to bring key manufacturing data directly to designers to improve their overall design closure time and design yield.”

The NexusRoute implementation is comprehensive and covers analysis and optimization of random, systematic, and parametric yield limiters. The technology has been used successfully on several of Pyxis’ customers’ designs, showing predicted incremental yield improvements of as much as 10% over previously taped-out designs.

About Pyxis
Pyxis Technology delivers software and services to address the problems that chip designers and foundries face in the physical design, layout, and routing of nanometer-scale integrated circuits (ICs) and systems on a chip (SoCs). Pyxis NexusRoute is a next generation, yield-driven auto-router, architected for process technologies of 65nm and below. Based on open industry standard interfaces and easily integrated into existing design flows, NexusRoute reduces design and manufacturing closure by 4-6X and increases chip yield by as much as 10%. Pyxis Professional Services help customers maximize IC yield and manufacturability by leveraging DFM and yield enhancement approaches within their design environments. Pyxis has offices in Austin, Texas.

pDfx(R) is a DFM environment available from PDF Solutions, Inc. pDfx is a registered trademark of PDF Solutions, Inc.