Ethertronics Launches Savvi Ceramic Antenna

Ethertronics, a leading provider of standard and customized embedded antenna solutions for wideband and multi-band wireless devices, unveiled the first of its Savvi(TM) ceramic antenna products. These high-performance, compact antennas include a Bluetooth only version and a novel GPS/Bluetooth combination product. Ideal for powering a variety of multi-RF technology electronic devices, Ethertronics’ miniature antennas utilize the company’s patented Isolated Magnetic Dipole(TM) (IMD) technology, whose high isolation characteristics make it immune to frequency shifts, which otherwise reduce performance.

The first Savvi antenna is a dual-band, dual-feed GPS and Bluetooth antenna. The antenna addresses the challenges associated with incorporating both GPS and Bluetooth functionality into portable devices by delivering GPS reception at the highest levels of performance, while also simultaneously providing popular Bluetooth capabilities. A second Savvi antenna for Bluetooth-only reception in a 1.3mm low-profile package is also available.

Operating independently at the 1.575 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequency bands, this innovative dual-band ceramic antenna provides superior wireless range and high isolation properties, enabling compelling advantages for GPS- and Bluetooth-enabled cell phones, media players and other mobile devices. The antenna’s compact size allows for designers to embed it into the smallest of portable devices, while dual-feed capabilities greatly simplify the RF design and integration.

“As the trend toward compact form factors and incorporation of multiple wireless technologies such as GPS and Bluetooth into a single mobile device continues, antenna design and integration become even more important,” said Jeffrey Crosby, president and chief executive officer of Ethertronics. “One of the key gating factors in taking a mobile device from concept to commercial success is its ability to work in a wide range of implementations while exceeding the user’s expectations under a diverse set of operating conditions. Design teams who choose to integrate our new high-performance ceramic antennas will realize an array of advantages; most importantly, their immunity to environmental changes and frequency shifts, which are traditionally known to compromise performance.”

The radiation patterns of the new Savvi antennas provide strong signal strength in a variety of real-world settings, thus ensuring robust reception regardless of the device’s operating environment. The antennas’ high efficiency characteristics include superior indoor performance and faster signal acquisition times so users can utilize the GPS applications quickly and reliably. Their best-in-class performance includes a powerful combination of compact profile (only 1.3mm tall), greater than 70% efficiency coupled with simple PWB implementation guidelines.

The Savvi Bluetooth and combination GPS/Bluetooth antennas are available now, with several additional Savvi products expected to launch in 2007.

About Ethertronics
Ethertronics designs and manufactures high-performance standard and customized embedded antenna solutions for wideband and multi-band wireless devices. Ethertronics’ leading-edge antenna product lines, including Prestta(TM) stamped metal and SavviTM ceramic antennas support a wide range of applications including cellular, UMTS, WiFi, WiMAX, Bluetooth, GPS, MediaFLO and DVB-H among others. The company’s patented Isolated Magnetic Dipole(TM) (IMD) technology enables smaller size, flexibility in design implementation, shortened design cycle and higher overall performance, while simultaneously meeting and improving upon standard safety emission requirements. Ethertronics’ antennas have been selected by major customers worldwide garnering an installed base of nearly 100 million units. The U.S.-headquartered company maintains a global network of design centers and low-cost, high-volume manufacturing operations. Ethertronics ranks #52 on the 2007 Inc. 500 Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

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