Cornet Technology Rolls Out VME64x PowerPC Single Board Computer

Cornet Technology Communications, a division of Cornet Technology, Inc., announced its latest VME64x PowerPC single board computer the Celero CVME-7448ST. This board incorporates a newer host-bridge controller (Tundra Tsi109) and DDR2 memory technology to give new life to COTS VME64x single board computers still widely used in real-time/embedded military and aerospace programs.

The use of the latest host-bridge controller technology lets the CVME-7448ST offer much higher performance per watt – a key consideration of military embedded applications with tight power budgets, and improved signal integrity providing significant improvement over older generations of VME PowerPC single board computers. By incorporating the latest DDR2 technology and the Tundra controller into the design, memory latency caused by pipeline blockage is eliminated improving performance by up to 9% and overall power consumption is reduced by up to 6W over boards using older technology.

CVME-7448ST provides a versatile processing platform for sophisticated signal intelligence applications (such as image, radar, and sonar processing) that require high performance, low power consumption and superior reliability. Since the board supports both Linux and VxWorks 6.3 operating systems, embedded designers can easily port their existing algorithms and code.

The board’s design offers 512MB DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB Flash, two PMC sites for I/O expansion, two high-speed Gigabit Ethernet ports, two serial ports, and two USB 2.0 ports.

CVME-7448ST will be available in late October 2007. Price starts at $4,600. An extended temperature version is available. Cornet Technology offers a 30-day evaluation to qualified new customers.

Cornet Technology Communication’s embedded computer products target designers that are still designing VME64 systems.

About Cornet Technology, Inc.
Cornet Technology, Inc. (CTI) is a manufacturing and professional services company consisting of three divisions: Cornet Technology Communications designs and manufactures data, voice and video network switching products and provides integration services for federal and commercial markets; Video Convergence provides video products and comprehensive integration services to the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and strategic security markets; and Optim Systems develops and integrates audio, video and Web conferencing solutions for government and commercial organizations. Founded in 1989, CTI is headquartered in Springfield, Virginia near Washington, D.C.