WIN Enterprises Debuts MB-06063 SBC with Twin Quad-Core Intel Xeon

WIN Enterprises, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of embedded controllers and platforms for OEMs, announces the MB-06063, a server-class, PICMG 1.3-style SBC with a choice of twin-socketed Dual- or Quad-Core Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processors. The board features twin CPU sockets that accept Dual-Core Intel Xeon 5100 series (Woodcrest) or Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5300 (Clovertown) processors.

The MB-06063 provides robust I/O with support for 20 external lanes of PCI-Express and 6 internal lanes. The SBC also exploits the Intel 6321 ESB I/O Controller Hub for its ability to support a broad range of I/O options.

WIN Enterprises MB-06063 Twin Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor-Powered SBCThe eight or four processing cores, small form factor, and its excellent I/O positions the MB-06063 for use in intense computing applications and those with extensive I/O workloads such as medical & military imaging, high-end gaming, telecom, and cluster-based computing applications. Like all WIN designs, the MB-06063 can be streamlined or further augmented to meet exact OEM requirements.


  • Twin CPU sockets accept Dual-Core Intel Xeon 5100 series or Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5300 processors
  • Northbridge: Intel(R) 5000P chipset
  • Southbridge: Intel 6321 ESB I/O Controller Hub
  • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems
  • Semi-custom pinout supports PCI-X & 20 Lanes of PCI Express
  • Independent 1066/1333MHz system bus for each processor
  • Passive backplane
  • Optional integrated ATI X300 64MB graphics

Pricing and Availability
The MB-06063 is orderable with unpopulated CPU board at the following OEM quantity pricing:

MB-06063 High-throughput PICMG 1.3-style SBC with CPU card minus CPUs (accepts Intel Clovertown Quad-core or Intel Woodcrest Dual-core processors). $1297

About WIN Enterprises, Inc.
WIN Enterprises is a product development company that designs and manufactures customized x86-based embedded systems and motherboards. Founded in 1991, WIN Enterprises develops reference designs for OEMs, as well as customized set-top boxes, SBCs, rack-mounted appliances, and other electronic products. WIN Enterprises has facilities in the United States, Taiwan, China, Italy, and India which enables fast, cost-effective design, manufacturing, and product fulfillment for corporations around the world. For pricing and additional information contact