Netronome Systems Supports Intel QuickPath Interconnect Technology

Netronome Systems, Inc., a leading developer of high-performance intelligent networking solutions that provide content flow analysis, deep packet inspection and application acceleration for network and security appliances, announced that it intends to deliver products for Intel’s(R) QuickPath Interconnect. The QuickPath Interconnect is Intel’s new system architecture interconnect for servers and high-end workstation products replacing its front side bus architecture. Netronome intends to use the QPI technology for high-speed networking applications enabling Netronome to create the industry’s highest-performance flow processing solutions for network and security applications and appliances.

The need for intelligent network flow processing is growing rapidly in high-speed Ethernet and IP networks along with the increasing number of network and security applications embedded within the network, such as intrusion detection (IDS), intrusion prevention (IPS), firewalls, load balancers, network behavior analyzers (NBA), test and measurement probes, web and content proxies, and many others. The network and security applications reside on dedicated computing platforms or integrated service blades within the network infrastructure elements. These multi-layer applications require both high-speed network processing for L2-L3 packet forwarding at 10Gbps and beyond, along with high-performance computing at L4-L7 for scalable content analysis and flow processing for millions of simultaneous sessions.

The collaboration with Intel on this design positions Netronome to address the needs of this market by utilizing Intel’s QuickPath Interconnect technology to fully integrate Netronome’s existing L2-L7 network flow processing solutions with high-performance, multi-core, general purpose microprocessors from Intel. Intel’s QuickPath Interconnect technology creates a very high bandwidth, low latency and cache-coherent fabric between one or more multi-core CPUs. It will be used to connect microprocessors that host the applications and the Netronome network flow processing engines that serve as coprocessors to handle packet forwarding, packet pre-processing, deep packet inspection and flow analysis and processing.

“We’re changing the way network and security appliances operate and perform by creating a new method of accelerated computing defined by a combination of multi-core microprocessors and network flow processors (NFPs) that are linked by the QuickPath Interconnect,” said Jim Finnegan, senior vice president of engineering at Netronome Systems. “These designs deliver a high bandwidth, low latency and memory-efficient link between the network and the applications in a way that removes the constraints found in existing designs which have directly contributed to lower performance and higher cost.”

The announcement initiates a new level of collaboration between the two companies for the purpose of developing high-speed network computing solutions based on Intel Architecture (IA) and Netronome Flow Processors. “The emergence of QuickPath interconnect technology on Intel server and workstation platforms enables a new level of system design flexibility for new usage models such as accelerators,” said Lorie Wigle, director of technology initiatives and software strategy at Intel. “The collaboration with Netronome is expected to enable new levels of system capability in this growing market segment of network communications where designs include both host microprocessors and specialized acceleration coprocessors.”

“QuickPath Interconnect technology can directly connect the Intel host processor and the Netronome network flow processor,” said Linley Gwennap, principal analyst of The Linley Group. “This tight coupling eliminates bottlenecks and improves performance scaling to support the needs of next-generation networking and security applications.”

For more information, visit Netronome in booth #638 at the Intel Developer Forum September 18-20 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.

About Netronome Systems
Founded in August 2003, Netronome is a privately held corporation. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with North American offices in Santa Clara, California and Boston, Massachusetts, Netronome has international operations in Centurion, South Africa; Cambridge, United Kingdom; Shenzhen and Hong Kong, China; and Penang, Malaysia. To learn more about the company and its products, please call +1 877 NETRO A-Z (+1 877 638 7629).

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