Bluegiga Introduces WT32 Embedded Bluetooth Audio Module

Bluegiga Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of Bluetooth(R) platforms for system integrators and OEMs, announced the availability of its WT32 Bluetooth(R) Audio Module, the latest addition to its leading range of Bluetooth(R) modules. Incorporating CSR’s BlueCore-5 multimedia chipset and supporting the latest Bluetooth(R) 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) wireless technology, WT32 offers its users a pleasant Hi-Fi audio experience.

WT32 is designed to require a minimum amount of external components – it’s equipped with Bluetooth(R) radio, integrated antenna/connector, 16-bit stereo codec, embedded DSP and battery charger. WT32 also has Bluetooth(R) end product certification as well as the CE, FCC and Industry Canada approvals, minimizing the amount of additional RF testing demands and securing a fast and easy path to develop products to be fully Bluetooth(R) compliant.

The 16-bit dual ADC and DAC stereo codec is able to sample audio with rates up to 48kHz and have integrated amplifiers for driving speakers. The low power DSP core and can be loaded with additional DSP algorithms that provide audio enhancement, noise cancellation and for example speech to text capabilities.

WT32 comes with Bluegiga’s iWRAP(TM) firmware, which makes the use of Bluetooth(R) wireless technology easier. For audio applications iWRAP firmware implements Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVCRCP) and Hands-free (HFP) Bluetooth(R) profiles. iWRAP(TM) can also be configured to function completely autonomously and no external processors are needed for controlling it.

“With our new WT32 Bluetooth(R) audio module we keep leading the way for the industry providing our customers again the maximum integration level, unmatched usability and quality,” comments Tom Nordman, Bluegiga’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “Combined with the strong expertise in our customer service and Bluetooth(R) end-product certification, we ensure that our customers enter the market with superior products on time and within budget.”

WT32 is designed to be embedded into products that need short range audio capabilities such as – high quality stereo and mono headsets/headphones, hands-free car kits, wireless speakers and microphones, handheld devices, MP3 players, mobile phone accessories – targeted to a variety of markets; automotive, medical and telemedicine, high-quality consumer electronics and industrial applications. In addition, it can also be used to transfer analog sensor information.

About Bluegiga’s OEM modules
Bluegiga modules with iWRAP firmware are complete Bluetooth(R) systems that OEM’s can utilize without putting any effort in very time consuming and expensive RF designs and Bluetooth(R) certifications. Bluegiga modules integrate the latest CSR chipset and flash memory with all the needed components and antennas supporting the latest Bluetooth(R) 2.1 standard.

About Bluegiga Technologies Inc.
Bluegiga Technologies Oy is a limited liability company providing cutting-edge Bluetooth(R)-based wireless communication platforms. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Finland, the European breeding ground of wireless technology, Bluegiga is strategically positioned to deliver its products globally through the extensive network of qualified distributors and value added resellers in 45 countries. Bluegiga is the innovator of Bluetooth(R) multi-radio access server products and it’s OEM module offering has seamless co-existence with other wired and wireless technologies, BluRoam(TM), the unique roaming technology for Bluetooth(R) devices and iWRAP(TM), the easy-to-use Bluetooth(R) control interface. Bluegiga and its expertise in the Bluetooth(R) technology, has been a contributing member of the Bluetooth(R) Special Interest Group since the company was founded.

About Bluetooth(R) Wireless Technology
Bluetooth(R) wireless technology is the global short-range wireless standard for personal connectivity of a wide range of electronic devices. The technology is now available in its fourth version of the core specification and continues to develop, building on its inherent strengths –a small-form factor radio, low power, low costs, built-in security, strength, ease-of-use, and ad hoc networking abilities. The installed base of Bluetooth(R) devices was over one billion products at the end of 2006, making it the only well-known choice for developers, product manufacturers, and consumers worldwide.

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