Parasoft Extends Automated Testing Capabilities for Embedded Developers

Parasoft Corporation, the leading provider of automated solutions and infrastructure services that improve software quality and the development process, announced extended support for its C/C++ solution. The latest enhancements enable embedded software developers to increase their productivity and code quality.

Parasoft C++test, an integrated solution that enables development organizations to prevent software errors and modify code without fear, now allows embedded developers to expose runtime errors without running the application. This capability simulates application execution paths—which may cross multiple functions and files—and determines whether these paths could trigger errors.

“Finding bugs in embedded software is especially important given the high costs and complications associated with fixing defects once the application has been installed on a device,” stated Sergei Sokolov, Professional Services Manager at Parasoft. “Parasoft C++test integrates multiple technologies, enabling developers to start verifying code as soon as it is completed-even if the target hardware is not yet built or available for testing. The new static analysis capability in Parasoft C++test helps expose complex coding defects early, when they can be fixed fastest and easiest.”

Parasoft will be demonstrating its full C/C++ solution at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston, September 19th – 20th at booth #1702.

About Parasoft
For 20 years Parasoft has investigated how and why software errors are generated. Our solutions automatically prevent and eliminate errors by addressing their root causes. Whether you are delivering Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), developing mission-critical software applications, or supporting the evolution of legacy systems, draw on our expertise and award-winning products to increase your productivity and the quality of your applications.