IntegrIT Introduces NatureDSP IT2400 Software Modem

IntegrIT announced a new software modem ideally suited for digital voice transmission over HF channels using inexpensive commercial radios with reduced bandwidth. It supports 1200/2400 bps data rates in reduced audio bandwidth 600…2400Hz. IntegrIT’s proprietary waveform incorporates the best advantages of traditional military waveforms designed for HF data transmission such as MIL-STD-110A and MIL-STD-110B. Built-in vocoder interface provides glueless means for integration in digital voice solutions.

Features reach control and monitor interface together with built-in channel simulator allow modem tracking in the real time that greatly simplifies modem integration into customer’s equipment. Of-the-shelf available IntegrIT MELP vocoder ideally suited to the IT2400 modem and recommended as a complete digital voice HF solution.

“In spite of a big progress in a cellular and satellite communications HF channel is the only way for reliable long distance communication in mission critical applications. Due to NatureDSP IT2400 digital modem, the traditionally conservative HF market becomes more flexible, digital voice links over HF is getting more and more affordable. From now, manufacturers of HF radio equipment have had a very good opportunity to upgrade their devices adding digital voice function at a low cost” – says Alexey Nazarov, CTO, IntegrIT.

More info: Product datasheet (pdf)