Ponte Solutions, Blaze DFM Deliver Modeling Elements to Si2's DFMC

Ponte Solutions(TM), the bridge between design and manufacturing, and Blaze DFM, the electrical DFM company, announced delivery of the first modeling elements committed to Si2′s Design For Manufacturability Coalition (DFMC) last year. These contributions are the primary drivers for the critical area analysis and lithography elements of Si2′s DFMC efforts.

Ponte’s model-based yield analysis technology allows yield sensitivity analysis for identifying critical areas, and will be made available royalty-free to Si2 and DFMC members for standardization purposes, including modification and benchmarking for the next three years.

Blaze DFM’s contribution consists of a proposed standard for the interactions between IC design tools and lithography simulation engines. Currently there is no standard interface through which IC design tools can request lithographic analyses of areas of the chip that may potentially contain manufacturing defects, or “hotspots.” If adopted as a standard, this interface would enable IC design tools to seamlessly invoke lithography simulators with directives on what to check for and then allow the simulators to feed back hotspot information that the IC designer can use to locate and correct the defects.

“Bridging the gap between design and manufacturing is what DFMC is all about,” said Steve Schulz, president and CEO of Si2. “Cooperative ventures with DFM leaders such as Blaze and Ponte greatly accelerate the infusion of manufacturability awareness into the design process giving chip designers better visibility and control over process variations.”

“Standard formats and definitions will allow for fast dissemination of time sensitive manufacturing data which is critical to DFM being useable by designers,” said Alex Alexanian, Ponte president and CEO. “We support the work of Si2 in fostering openness across the industry, and will continue finding ways to partner and collaborate with like-minded companies to benefit our mutual customers.”

“The establishment of a standard interface will greatly accelerate the incorporation of lithography-awareness into existing and future IC implementation flows,” said Dave Reed, vice president of marketing and business development at Blaze DFM. “We are eagerly anticipating the adoption of such a standard and have high hopes that collaborative efforts such as this will benefit the entire chip design community.”

About Si2
Si2 is an organization of industry-leading semiconductor, systems, EDA and manufacturing companies focused on improving the way integrated circuits are designed and manufactured in order to speed time-to-market, reduce costs, and meet the challenges of sub-micron design. Si2 is uniquely positioned to enable collaboration through a strong implementation focus driven by its member companies. Si2 focuses on developing practical technology solutions to industry challenges. Si2 represents over 107 companies involved in all parts of the silicon supply chain throughout the world.

About Blaze DFM
Blaze DFM provides software solutions to fabless semiconductor companies, integrated device manufacturers, and silicon foundries. Blaze products give IC designers greater control over manufacturing variability, improving yield and shortening time to volume production. Blaze DFM, Inc., 1275 Orleans Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, 408.470.4900.

About Ponte Solutions
Ponte Solutions, Inc. develops and markets unique model-based software products and design for manufacturing (DFM) solutions that analyze, predict, and reduce the impact of process variability during the manufacture and design of semiconductors. Ponte customers include leading semiconductor companies, foundries, and design houses worldwide. Founded in 2002, the venture-backed company has received funding from The Mayfield Fund, U.S. Venture Partners, Incubic LLC, Silicom Ventures LLC, and others. The company has offices in Mountain View, Calif., and Yerevan, Armenia.