TI Rolls Out Multi-Standard, Triple Video Amplifiers for Consumer Apps

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) introduced a family of flexible three-channel integrated video buffers optimized for consumer video applications where performance, space savings and lower system cost are required. The family supports HDTV, SDTV and a variety of digital media processors, such as TI’s DaVinci(TM) processors. The amplifiers incorporate a fifth-order Butterworth filter, which can be used as an encoder’s digital-to-analog converter (DAC) reconstruction filter. The devices provide video buffering by rejecting DAC images for better video quality in consumer applications such as set-top boxes, USB-powered video, portable video recorders and other video applications.

TI Multi-Standard, Triple Consumer Video Amplifier FamilyThe THS7314, THS7315 and THS7316 offer design flexibility as the inputs can be configured for either AC- or DC-coupled applications. In addition, unlike typical solutions, the family can support a single 3-V to 5-V supply, eliminating the need for a separate 5-V supply. The devices’ rail-to-rail output allows AC- or DC-output coupling so that designers can use 3.3-V supply without headroom issues. The ability for each channel to drive two video lines, or 75-ohms loading, allows for maximum flexibility as a video line driver.

Each device addresses requirements of today’s video standards. The amplifiers incorporate output level shift, which allows for a full sync dynamic range at the output with 0-V input. The AC-coupled modes include a transparent sync-tip clamp option for CVBS, Y’, and G’B'R’ signals with bottom-level sync. AC-coupled biasing for C’/P’b/P’r channels can easily be achieved by adding an external resistor to Vs+ (voltage supply pin).

The THS7314 and THS7315 are well-suited for SDTV and support CVBS, S-Video, Y’U'V and Y’P'bP’r 480i/576i. The THS7314 has a typical 6-dB output gain while the THS7315 has a 14.3-db fixed gain, which enables it to work well with TI’s DaVinci and OMAP(TM) processors. The THS7316 supports Y’P'bP’r 720p/1080i/up to 1080p30 and G’B'R’ (R’G'B’) standards for HDTV with a 6-dB output gain.

Availability, Pricing and Support
The THS7314, THS7315 and THS7316 are available now in an 8-pin SOIC lead-free (RoHS compatible) and green-compliant package. Suggested resale pricing in quantities of 1,000 is $0.40 for the THS7314, $0.50 for the THS7315 and $0.55 for the THS7316. Samples and evaluation modules (EVMs) are available.

The THS7314, THS7315 and THS7316 complement TI’s broad portfolio of high-speed amplifiers for analog-to-digital drive circuits and high-speed signal chains in applications such as video, medical and communications. In addition to samples and EVMs, TI provides an array of tools to make it easier to design with TI’s high-speed amplifiers, including the TINA-TI(TM) SPICE simulation tool.