Kozio Debuts kDiagnostics Hardware Test Automation for IXP435 Devices

Kozio, Inc., the leading provider of automated hardware diagnostics for custom controller boards, has released validation support for custom boards using the Intel(R) IXP435 processor. This processor is a new addition to Intel’s line of network processors and Kozio is the only vendor to provide processor-optimized diagnostics for the IXP435.

In addition to the launch of kDiagnostics(TM) for the Intel IXP435, Kozio offers extensive support for boards using other processors in the IXP product line, including the IXP425, IXP465, IXP2325 and IXP2350.

kDiagnostics from Kozio is a comprehensive, highly configurable, and proven validation environment that allows designers to rapidly test and troubleshoot microprocessor-based controllers and devices. It provides an end-to-end test solution for companies designing and delivering new products. ADI Engineering, a long-time successful user of kDiagnostics, is using this new release to bring-up a new IXP435 evaluation platform scheduled for release in Q4 2007. ADI also plans to use kDiagnostics for functionally testing units during production.

kDiagnostics is delivered as a binary application ready for execution, either from ROM or RAM, directly on the target microprocessor. kDiagnostics is configured from existing libraries to meet the requirements of your hardware platform. The user can extend the product using Kozio’s development kit for adding custom drivers and test suites. Once running on your system, a single command tests the entire system and reports simple pass or fail results for each subsystem, such as Flash, Ethernet, voice, USB, PCI Express, SRIO, SDRAM, etc. For troubleshooting, kDiagnostics provides a command shell interface with multiple levels of tracing to drill down and isolate hardware faults.

kDiagnostics includes the IXP400 Software and Access Libraries provided by Intel, allowing it to configure and test the various interfaces supported by an NPE. Kozio’s support team delivers detailed answers to hardware troubleshooting questions based on years of experience validating various designs.

Kozio diagnostics for custom boards using IXP435 processors is available now.

For more information on Kozio’s products, contact Kozio at +1 (303) 776-1356. Kozio is a member of the Intel(R) Communications Alliance, a community of communications and embedded developers and solutions providers committed to the development of modular, standards-based solutions on Intel technologies.

About Kozio, Inc.
Kozio provides automated hardware diagnostics and Hardware Validation IP for today’s complex computing devices. Kozio software improves and streamlines current test processes with proven, thorough embedded solutions for custom controller boards. Kozio diagnostics help throughout a product’s lifecycle from validating new hardware in the lab to streamlining production test. Kozio software reduces project schedule risk and development costs while increasing test coverage and end-product reliability. Kozio products are used by technology companies across the globe.

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