Proven Software Solutions to Present Embedded Software at ESS 2007

At ESS 2007 (Stand 102), Proven Software Solutions will demonstrate how embedded software developers can reduce development cost, risk and time-to-market, better manage complexity and enable device software optimisation through the implementation of an embedded software re-use strategy using its services as the electronics industry’s first independent broker for embedded software.

“The efficient and effective use of technology and software engineering man-power is critical to developers and manufacturers of products using embedded software,” said Chris Briggs, Managing Director of Proven Software Solutions. “This is especially so if they wish to retain competitive advantage when faced with the output of the developing markets such as India and China.”

With two-thirds of R&D budgets being spent on developing embedded software, it’s hardly surprising that embedded software development now represents a greater risk to OEMs than hardware development. However, unlike with hardware devices where components are readily available from global Independent Device Manufacturers through to regional distributors, there is no mature supply chain for software components. Without a mature software supply chain for embedded software IP, in-house development is often seen as the only option. But the challenge of developing proprietary software and integrating it with a commercial code base has become a main cause for feature deficiencies and missed product launches.

Using Proven Software Solutions’ independent brokerage service, software components like drivers, stacks and codecs which have been previously tested, debugged and deployed can be easily sourced from its repository of embedded software IP. These components are available for integration allowing OEMs to focus their in-house resource on adding value to the application layer and differentiating their products from that of their competitors.

But software re-use isn’t just about outsourcing software components, it is also about re-using software that has previously been developed in-house and subsequently archived. “There are plenty of real obstacles to be over-come for those wishing to employ re-use strategies in order to leverage more value from their investment in embedded software,” concluded Chris Briggs. “The inability of management to identify blocks of software IP from their engineering output and the lack of purchaser confidence in software IP blocks before they commit to its re-use, are two of the most commonly cited obstacles.”

Chris Briggs, Proven Software Solutions’ Managing Director, will be available on the stand to discuss customers’ embedded software requirements both with regard to re-use strategies and to discover how strategically outsourcing embedded software requirements through Proven Software Solutions can reduce development cost, risk and time-to-market.

About Proven Software Solutions
Proven Software Solutions is the electronics industry’s first independent broker for embedded software. As a B2B service provider, Proven Software Solutions facilitates the reuse of software IP by and for OEMs and ODMs, Systems Integrators and Design Consultants.