BiTMICRO Unveils 2.5-inch 416G E-Disk Altima IDE Flash Solid State Disk

With a goal of taking solid state storage to unprecedented levels of capacity and reliability, BiTMICRO Networks, the pioneer in intelligent IDE/ATA, SCSI, VME, and Fibre Channel flash disk solid state storage solutions, announced at the Defence Systems & Equipment International Exhibition in London, UK details regarding the forthcoming release of the E-Disk(R) Altima(tm) family of flash solid state disks (SSD).

The E-Disk(R) Altima(tm) Flash SSD series is a realization of BiTMICRO’s goal to deliver a comprehensive set of solid state disk technologies for mainstream enterprise, commercial, industrial and military storage. Featuring the company’s cutting-edge EDSA(tm) flash I/O controller and LUNETA(tm) memory flash interface ASICs, E-Disk(R) Altima(tm) SSD brings high-capacity and high-performance yet cost-effective solid state storage to servers, storage networks, as well as other storage applications that are subjected to extreme operating conditions.

The first product to be released to market is the 2.5-inch E-Disk(R) Altima(tm) E2A133BL ATA-133 model, a flash memory-based SSD designed for military, industrial and commercial users who are looking for faster and bigger storage upgrades for time-tested PATA-based systems. This 2.5-inch ATA/ATAPI-7 PATA solid state drive, supporting PIO 0-4, DMA 0-2 and UDMA 0-6 data transfer modes, will utilize the latest high-density single level cell (SLC) NAND flash memory chips to deliver an astounding storage capacity of up to 416 GB, while providing 133MB/sec burst with up to 100MB/sec sustained Reads and Writes and up to 20,000+ Random IOPS. With operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C, the E-Disk(R) Altima(tm) ATA-133 model is suitable for 24×7 deployment even in extremely hostile environments.

“For storage users in the military and industrial markets, high disk capacities equate to longer hours, even days, of non-stop operation. Just like enterprise users, these markets desire continually increasing drive capacities to meet exponential growth in their storage requirements,” remarked Rudy Bruce, Exec. VP for Marketing and Sales and CMO at BiTMICRO Networks. “The launch of the E-Disk(R) Altima(tm) series of cutting-edge solid state flash drives will usher in a new computing era, where solid state mass storage will combine with multi-core processors to deliver unprecedented levels of performance required by next-generation operating systems and applications,” Bruce explained.

Visit BiTMICRO Networks at Booth 1011A of DSEi 2007. The event runs from September 11 – 14, 2007 at the ExCel Convention Center in London, United Kingdom. Dubbed as the world’s largest fully integrated defense exhibition, DSEi brings together senior international visitors and military influencers in an optimal business environment.

Pricing and Availability
Sampling for the E-Disk(R) Altima(tm) ATA-133 solid state drive is expected to begin in Q1 2008 and ship by March 2008 in capacities ranging from 4GB up to 416GB. For pricing and more E-Disk(R) Altima(tm) flash drive solid state disk storage technology information, contact BiTMICRO at 47929 Fremont Boulevard, CA 94538 USA. Sales Telephone: +1 510-74E-DISK / +1 510-743-3475, Fax: +1 510-743-3155. E-mail:

About EDSA(tm) and LUNETA(tm)
The Enhanced Datamover and Storage Accelerator (EDSA(tm)) flash I/O controller is a proprietary ASIC that succeeds the highly successful disk controller chipset of BiTMICRO(R)’s electronic disk technology. The EDSA(tm) flash I/O controller supports large block NAND flash as well as single, dual, quad-die flash devices, allowing BiTMICRO to hike E-Disk(R) Altima(tm) solid state disk capacities to terabytes of pure flash memory.

EDSA(tm) goes hand in hand with the Logical Unifier of Extensive Transfer Arrays (LUNETA(tm)) ASIC, BiTMICRO’s proprietary flash memory management interface controller that is designed to orchestrate massively parallel and multi-block I/O operations on large arrays of flash devices. LUNETA(tm) supports both NAND (SLC or MLC) and AND types of flash memory and is typically used in designs to complement the EDSA(tm) controller in applications that require scalability and management of larger amounts of flash devices.

About BiTMICRO Networks
BiTMICRO(R) Networks is the leading provider of high performance non-volatile flash solid state disk and semiconductor cutting-edge solutions. The Company’s flagship product, the E-Disk(R) SSD, is offered with SATA, SCSI Narrow and Wide, IDE/ATA and Fibre Channel interfaces in 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard disk drive footprints, and 19-inch rack mount configurations scalable up to several terabytes of pure solid state storage.

E-Disk(R), BiTMICRO(R), Altima(tm), EDSA(tm) and LUNETA(tm) are registered trademarks and trademarks of BiTMICRO Networks, Inc.