EtherWaves, Factum Electronics Demonstrate DAB+ Multi-standard Receiver

EtherWaves has teamed up with Broadcast leader, Factum Electronics AB, to demonstrate multi-standard Digital Radio live at IBC, Amsterdam. EtherWaves is amongst the first of a selected few to feature a DAB+ receiver solution. The receiver, based on Sonata’s highly successful Consumer Electronics module, is a complete DAB / DAB+ / T-DMB audio player delivering a feature-rich Digital Radio, implemented on a single low-cost DSP.

Linda Kedem, EtherWaves’ Marketing Manager stated, “EtherWaves’ Digital Radio software approach is the proven optimal solution when required to rapidly design and manufacture receivers for any of the new Digital Radio standards. With the growing interest of DAB+, T-DMB, and DRM, we are strongly positioned to facilitate the Digital Radio rollout in Europe by providing a flexible and low-cost solution.”

She further adds,” It is part of EtherWaves’ strategy for its products to be operable with all Digital Radio industry standards.”

The company’s core technology is ClearSignal(TM), Digital Radio software technology executed on Analog Devices BlackFin53X low-cost processor. Following the addition of DRM capability to Sonata, the module only requires a DRM tuner. Sonata produces complete Digital radio receivers by also supporting MP3 and WMA.

About EtherWaves
EtherWaves Ltd. develops and licenses Digital Radio and Mobile TV Intellectual Property (IP), targeting the Automotive, System-On-Chip (SoC) and Consumer Electronics markets. EtherWaves uses its core competencies and expertise to develop Digital Broadcast Receiving solutions based on Software and Silicon IP. The company’s ClearSignal(TM) technology powers German in-car infotainment systems of Tier 1 clients. The ClearSignal(TM) product line currently supports DAB, DAB+, T-DMB, DRM and FM and will also comply with HD Radio, DMB-T (China), ISDB-T, and DVB-H. EtherWaves is a privately held company with headquarters in Israel.

ClearSignal is a trademark of EtherWaves Ltd. Blackfin is a registered trademark of Analog Devices, Inc.