Conexant Announces Single-Chip 802.11n Products for WLAN Applications

Conexant Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CNXT), a worldwide leader in semiconductor solutions for broadband communications and the digital home, announced the industry’s lowest power 802.11n draft 2.0 product family for high-performance, power-sensitive wireless local area networking (WLAN) applications. The CX53322 and CX53328 are targeted at products with embedded Wi-Fi functionality such as printers, portable media players, cellular handsets, and universal serial bus (USB) sticks. The single-chip devices deliver significant data rate and range improvements over previous generation solutions. They are available in production quantities today, and have been designed in by several leading original development manufacturers.

The CX53322, which includes a USB interface, has been recognized by the Wi-Fi Alliance(R) as a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 802.11n draft 2.0 product. To achieve this certification, Conexant passed tests designed to ensure multi-vendor interoperability, adherence to WPA2(TM) (Wi-Fi Protected Access) security protocols, compliance with WMM(R) (Wi-Fi Multimedia) quality-of-service requirements, and backward-compatibility with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 802.11 a/b/g products.

“Our strong focus on Wi-Fi solutions for embedded applications has enabled us to deliver two extremely competitive solutions for this power-sensitive, small form-factor market segment,” said Chee Kwan, senior vice president and general manager of Conexant’s Embedded Wireless Networking business. “In addition, our Wi-Fi certification underscores our commitment to developing standards-based products that help ensure a positive consumer experience and promote the growth of interoperable wireless networking products globally.”

“The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 802.11n draft 2.0 program is helping to drive the proliferation of next-generation Wi-Fi technology,” said Karen Hanley, Wi-Fi Alliance senior director. “Through its support of the program, Conexant demonstrates its commitment to ensure industry interoperability and the best user experience in the home, small office and enterprise.”

Conexant’s new low-power 802.11n product family is based on a single spatial stream architecture that enables up to double the throughput rate and effective range of Wi-Fi solutions based on the previous IEEE 802.11g standard. This allows manufacturers to cost-effectively achieve much faster data rates while supporting next-generation features such as aggregation, and full compatibility with 802.11n networks.

The CX53322 and CX53328 are Conexant’s fourth-generation low-power product family. The solutions include the company’s innovative, patented PowerSave technology, which provides an intelligent power control capability and an industry-leading low power standby mode that reduces peak and overall power consumption and extends battery life. The company’s unique coexistence technology has also been integrated into the two chips to maximize performance in networks that support both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth(R) connectivity.

The highly integrated 802.11n single-chip wireless radios are based on a full media access control architecture, which reduces host loading and eases integration into low-end embedded applications. The CX53322 and CX53328 include an ARM(R) 9 core, an integrated transceiver, radio frequency synthesizer/voltage control oscillator, high-speed data converters, and an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing/complete code keying (OFDM/CCK) digital baseband processor. The CX53322 is offered with a USB interface, and the CX53328 is available with a serial peripheral interface and secured digital input output interface. Both devices support popular operating systems including Linux, Windows(R) CE, Windows XP, Windows Vista and embedded real-time operating system drivers.

An additional feature is the ability to package the 802.11n Wi-Fi radio and associated external components in a less than a 64 millimeter square footprint, providing manufacturers with space savings and increased design flexibility.

Conexant is a pioneer in wireless networking and offers a suite of solutions including IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n and dual-band chipsets, firmware, software, drivers and reference designs. These solutions are used by the world’s leading telecom, networking, and computer companies in a wide range of products including access points/routers, client cards, desktops, notebooks, PDAs, digital cameras, MP3 players and other hand-held networking appliances.

About Conexant
Conexant’s innovative semiconductor solutions are driving broadband communications and digital home networks worldwide. The company’s comprehensive portfolio includes products for broadband access and media processing applications. Conexant is a fabless semiconductor company that recorded revenues of $970.8 million in fiscal year 2006. The company has approximately 3,200 employees, and is headquartered in Newport Beach, Calif.

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