Savant RacePoint Blueprint Programming Tool Controls Homes

Savant Systems LLC, with a visionary approach to home automation that emphasizes reliability and a maintenance-friendly open platform, has announced the introduction of the RacePoint Blueprint(TM) programming tool, a very powerful and easy to use interface for configuring and customizing ROSIE-based media and control systems. Savant Systems has dedicated countless engineering and R&D man hours along with in-depth feedback from beta testing sites to the development of RacePoint Blueprint(TM), the nerve center of the Savant product suite that will revolutionize the home automation marketplace.

Installers and system integrators will use RacePoint Blueprint(TM) to identify A/V and other controllable components from a vast array of manufacturers, and utilize this information to quickly and efficiently generate the appropriate control logic and user interfaces for all ROSIE automation processors, touch panels, keypads, and remote controls. They can also customize, optimize, and upgrade their system configurations using RacePoint Blueprint(TM) without writing a single line of code. Additionally, RacePoint Blueprint(TM) will enable dealers to custom build screens for each user in the home, including the addition, deletion, modification, and placement of critical buttons within the motif—all without the need to do any low-level programming. If Savant’s pre-loaded selection of artwork themes does not fit the customer’s exact needs, the dealer can load their own themes and buttons into RacePoint Blueprint(TM) using industry standard Adobe(R) PhotoShop(R) software.

RacePoint Blueprint(TM) is a highly developed application with the potential to spare integrators the frustration and much of the time once dedicated to system programming using conventional closed platform automation software. Delivered to dealers as part of a development environment residing within an Apple(R) MacBook(R) Pro laptop computer, RacePoint Blueprint(TM) is an advanced, intelligent and easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) tool that will serve as the definitive solution for home entertainment and automation systems configuration.

About Savant
Savant was founded by a core group of technology pioneers with hundreds of years of combined real-world experience in peripheral applications such as programmable systems, digital signal processing, telephony, switching systems, video processing, and home electronics integration. The Savant Team is committed to redefining the Home Control Systems industry with a visionary solution to home automation that emphasizes reliability and a maintenance-friendly open platform. The Savant product suite is distinguished by an unparalleled blend of cutting-edge technology and advanced next-generation graphics.