CacheLogic Velocix 2.0 Features Advanced Video Streaming Capabilities

CacheLogic, provider of the world’s leading Digital Asset Delivery Network, launches Velocix 2.0 with the introduction of its Velocix Video family of delivery services. Velocix Video offers a full complement of download, progressive download (watch while you download), live and on-demand streaming asset delivery services for all video forms, including High Definition.

“In today’s post-Web 2.0 world, it’s vital that consumers get rock solid broadcast quality experience and that unlike traditional on-line video experiences they are “Streaming not Screaming,” said Phill Robinson, CEO of CacheLogic. “The launch of Velocix 2.0 addresses the performance, economic and control challenges associated with distributing video over the Internet, paving the way for the creation of a whole new generation of reliable, high quality on-line video enabled services.”

With Velocix 2.0, CacheLogic introduces an entire family of solutions that now support every major method of delivering video over the web. From download, to progressive download, to streaming – Velocix Video can do it all; for short form video, traditional DVD quality video and now High Definition video delivery. Most importantly Velocix 2.0 draws on CacheLogic’s extensive experience in Hybrid-P2P networking to ensure that however video assets are delivered, it is done with unprecedented quality of service for the consumer and redefined economics and control for the content owner.

New Velocix Video Solutions
The new Velocix Video family of solutions now includes: Velocix Video – Flash(R) Streaming for Adobe(R) Flash(R) content, Velocix Video – Windows Media(TM) Streaming for Microsoft(R) Windows Media(TM) content, as well as CacheLogic’s own Velocix Media Player for organizations that wish to achieve a streaming-like experience whilst taking advantage of a series of new advanced network services available with Velocix 2.0.

As part of this announcement CacheLogic is proud to announce new strategic partnerships with Adobe(R) and Microsoft(R) for the delivery of these new Velocix Video Streaming solutions.

Key new features introduced in Velocix 2.0 include:

Velocix Video – Streaming
Velocix 2.0 provides advanced high quality uninterrupted live and on-demand video streaming services for both Adobe(R) Flash(R) and Windows Media(TM) content.

Velocix Video is underpinned by the Velocix Network which provides a set of unique services for organizations considering streaming Adobe(R) or Windows Media(TM) content that go way beyond traditional streaming services. With its focus on Digital Asset Delivery, Velocix 2.0 provides comprehensive management and reporting of each item in a content owner’s digital asset library, providing them with unprecedented insight into consumer viewing behaviour, with detailed audience statistics by time and region, for each asset stream being managed by the network.

Security and authentication is also a key concern for content owners and Velocix Video provides a complete set of technologies to ensure that assets are viewed only by authorized consumers. Streams can be controlled through support for geo-blocking and token based authentication – which ensures only true subscribers view content, or those that have made a purchase through eCommerce capabilities of the customer.

Velocix Media Player
The Velocix Media Player is a new browser plug-in that supports both multi-source HTTP and P2P progressive download to create the ultimate broadcast quality experience to the consumer.

In an on-line world where copy protection and security of digital content are paramount the Velocix Media Player includes full DRM support and also offers an in-browser “Streaming-like” viewer experience with nothing written to disk to protect against piracy. Velocix Media Player also provides advanced viewing features including the ability to instantaneously seek in both directions at anytime during the playback.

Velocix provides progressive download support for of all popular video formats, including. Flash(R), Windows Media(TM), DivX(R), QuickTime(R), Real(R) and 3GP.

More on Velocix 2.0
Velocix 2.0 is able to blend bandwidth from its global network together with Peer-to-Peer (P2P) traffic to guarantee service levels whilst reducing delivery costs. This hybrid delivery approach overcomes the unpredictability and quality of service issues encountered when using first generation P2P delivery mechanisms whilst also significantly reducing delivery costs experienced when using traditional CDN vendor offerings.

Velocix 2.0 also offers online rich-media content providers the control they need over their digital content through its unique asset based delivery, commercial and reporting model. Traditional CDN providers deliver and report on bits and bytes sent over their networks, no matter whether they arrive successfully or not. CacheLogic charges and reports only on assets successfully delivered and allows for required performance and distribution costs to be dynamically set – asset by asset.

About CacheLogic
CacheLogic provides Velocix – the world’s leading Digital Asset Delivery Network, a new generation CDN (Content Delivery Network) designed to meet the rich media needs of the 21st century Internet. With its innovative network and service offerings and groundbreaking asset-based business model, CacheLogic has revolutionized both the ‘mechanics’ and economics of content delivery, enabling the Internet to become the preferred delivery mechanism for large digital assets.

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