Broadcom Ships NTRU Core TCG Software Stack with Trusted Platform Module

NTRU Cryptosystems Inc., the trusted computing experts, announces that Broadcom Corporation is currently shipping the NTRU Core TCG Software Stack (CTSS(TM)) with its 1.2 Trusted Platform Module (TPM) products. The combined solution, which operates under multiple operating systems including Microsoft(R) Windows XP(TM), Microsoft(R) Windows Vista(TM) and Linux(R) operating systems, readily responds to PC security demands by providing state-of-the-art security measures required by OEMs and their corporate customers. The integration of NTRU and Broadcom products enables enterprises to more easily manage their data securely while providing flexibility at the application layer. Compliant with Trusted Computing Group (TCG) specifications, the NTRU CTSS(TM) provides the essential core interface and security services framework for any application that relies on the TPM.

“Interoperability and flexibility are key requirements for our customers to meet market demands and provide valued security solutions to the enterprise,” said Ari Singer Director of Products and Services, Trusted Computing at NTRU. “The NTRU solutions are architected with these qualities in mind. Our CTSS product, as the foundation of our TCG Middleware offerings, provides the gateway for applications to leverage the hardware security provided by Broadcom’s NetXtreme(R) Gigabit-Ethernet controller products. Interoperability and flexibility provide the foundation for customer choice, and enable PC OEM’s to meet continually changing requirements from enterprises for PC security applications and platforms. NTRU enables the PC OEM to select best-of-breed trusted computing applications with confidence that all of the components will integrate seamlessly. Together, Broadcom and NTRU provide our customers a cost effective, complete trusted computing solution with flexibility and extensibility as new applications are developed.”

“BROADCOM selected NTRU’s CTSS because it has been proven for years as the leading TPM, OS and application agnostic trusted computing solution in the world. NTRU has enabled Broadcom to offer more choices to our customers and allowed us to serve a wider market,” said Vinod Lakhani, Director of Marketing for Broadcom’s High-Speed Controller line of business. “NTRU continues to provide us with proven solutions and we look forward to an extended partnership that offers world class security solutions into the marketplace. Their reputation for quality within the trusted computing market is second to none, and together we have been able to provide robust, proven security solutions that our customers can bank on. Working together, Broadcom and NTRU will continue to drive innovation in trusted computing while maintaining the security demanded by our customers.”

About the NTRU CTSS(TM) product
The NTRU CTSS(TM) is designed in accordance with the TSS 1.2 standard. It is enhanced with strong, standards-compliant, cryptographic libraries. The CTSS(TM) provides a set of software components that allow applications and peripherals to take advantage of a platform’s TPM hardware module in a coordinated, consistent, and portable manner. The CTSS(TM) has been thoroughly tested on multiple Microsoft(R) Windows and Linux operating systems and ensures interoperability across a variety of platforms using different hardware and software. The NTRU CTSS(TM) software has been shipped on over 20 million PCs since 2005.

Features of the NTRU CTSS(TM) product
The NTRU CTSS(TM) can be used for any application that uses a TSS and it will interoperate with cryptographic service providers (CSP) for easy use by higher-level applications.

  • Fully compliant with TCG specifications and guidance for standard TSS design
  • Strong, standards-compliant cryptographic services built-in
  • Interoperable with 1.1b and 1.2 compliant TPMs
  • Modular design enables addition of custom functionality
  • Supports application-defined security policies
  • Protects authorization data within the local process
  • Thread-safe design
  • Supports local and remote TPMs
  • Design and implementation techniques in accordance with industry best practices for protecting against security vulnerabilities
  • Designed for portability with current support for Microsoft Windows(R) Vista, Windows XP/2000 and Linux 2.6 platforms
  • Ability to leverage TPM custom features

About NTRU
NTRU Cryptosystems, Inc. is a leading security software and services provider to the trusted computing and embedded security markets. Since 1996, NTRU has provided cryptographic products and services to major corporations in the design and integration of strong security solutions for their products in a wide range of markets. NTRU’s core competencies extend from development and evaluation of standards based security architectures and protocols, cryptosystem design and implementation of security solutions based on the NTRU algorithm suite and other major algorithms. NTRU has proven experience in the trusted computing marketplace, and is a trusted partner and a market leader in the development of comprehensive, flexible, and cost effective TPM solutions for OEM’s and enterprises. NTRU is headquartered in Acton, Mass., and has offices in Dublin, Ireland.

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