XenSource Launches XenExpress OEM Edition for Embedded Virtualization

XenSource, Inc., the leading provider of enterprise-class virtualization solutions based on the high-performance open source Xen hypervisor, announced XenExpress(TM) OEM Edition, a new embedded virtualization platform targeted at server vendors and other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). XenExpress OEM Edition enables OEMs to include a full virtualization platform as an integrated component of every server, pre-installed in system flash or on the hard disk. The new product enables the server to boot with multiple BIOS partitions at system power-on, making it ready to install and manage virtual machines. XenExpress OEM Edition offers flexible management interfaces, and full interoperability with both the Microsoft and VMware virtual machine formats.

“XenSource was founded on the belief that the Xen hypervisor should be ubiquitous, and that our products should be simple and powerful enough to be embedded in every server as an extension of the hardware platform,” said Frank Artale, vice president of business development at XenSource. “The introduction of XenExpress OEM Edition will enable a frictionless distribution model for OEMs and a high quality, supported virtualization experience for enterprise customers.”

Features of XenExpress OEM Edition

  • Based on the industry’s most open, scalable, high performance virtualization engine, the Xen hypervisor.
  • Built-in support for the latest hardware virtualization features from Intel and AMD – delivering near-native performance, while maximizing platform security.
  • OEM value-added extensions – optimized for virtualization-ready hardware platforms, enabling OEMs to enhance the serviceability, manageability and security of their customer’s infrastructure, through direct integration of embedded, secure system partitions that implement OEM value-added software enhancements.
  • OEM up-sell opportunities for virtual infrastructure – offering a fully featured server consolidation value proposition “out of the box” with easy upgrade to the full XenEnterprise v4 feature set.

XenExpress OEM Edition will also provide future support for migration to the virtualization capabilities in Microsoft Windows Server 2008.

“Dell is doing more than any other system provider to simplify virtualization for our customers,” said Rick Becker, vice president of solutions at Dell. “Embedding virtualization technology is a key element of that simplification process and delivering customers complete solutions that work across heterogeneous environments.”

Easy Upgrade Path to XenEnterprise
XenExpress OEM Edition is fully compatible and upgradeable to the new advanced management features in XenSource’s flagship virtual infrastructure product, XenEnterprise v4. Valuable new features in XenEnterprise v4 include:

  • XenMotion(TM) – for live migration of running virtual machines
  • XenCenter(TM) – a scalable, resilient virtual infrastructure management solution with an easy to use Windows user interface
  • A powerful 64-bit hypervisor that supports both 32- and 64-bit enterprise workloads
  • XenAPI – an open, standards-based interface, which enables ISVs and OEMs to develop add-on solutions for XenEnterprise v4

Future enhancements to XenEnterprise include XenEnterprise HA, and integrated Symantec Veritas Storage Foundation and certification with Symantec Veritas NetBackup, to create a unified storage and server virtualization platform which offers industry-leading availability and backup capabilities. These additional enhancements are scheduled to be released in an upcoming version later this year.

Pricing and Availability
XenExpress OEM Edition is available today to OEMs who wish to integrate the product into their solutions. XenEnterprise v4 is also generally available, and includes as standard features: XenMotion, XenCenter, a 64-bit hypervisor and XenAPI. Pricing for XenEnterprise starts at $1,599 for an annual subscription license per dual socket server, and $2,499 perpetual license per dual socket server. XenEnterprise can also be purchased directly from an authorized XenSource reseller.

About XenSource Virtualization Products
For customers seeking to reduce the number of under-utilized servers in their IT infrastructure, XenSource virtualization products help dramatically reduce server hardware and operating costs through savings on power, space, cooling, and system maintenance. Offering high performance virtualization within an easy to use virtualization platform, XenSource supports both Windows and Linux servers. XenSource products are based on the Xen(TM) hypervisor, and offer easy to use Windows and Linux virtualization solutions with built-in virtual machine lifecycle management, at breakthrough price and performance. XenSource products are being adopted worldwide in enterprises to increase server utilization, support server consolidation, and reduce total cost of ownership.

About XenSource, Inc.
XenSource is the leading provider of enterprise virtualization solutions based on Xen(TM), founded by the inventors of the open source virtualization engine known as the Xen(TM) hypervisor. Companies worldwide deploy and trust XenSource products to increase resiliency and reliability of their business operations, improve the speed and agility of their IT investments, improve security and realize the TCO savings that result from server consolidation, increased utilization, and reduced complexity in the datacenter.

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