OEMs Target Commercial OSs

Recently published research by Venture Development Corporation (VDC) indicates that Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEMs’) previous development projects using no formal or in-house developed OSs are targets for migration to commercial OS platforms. According to Stephen Balacco, Director of VDC’s Embedded Software Practice, “New development projects represent an opportunity for commercial embedded OS suppliers to capture these OEMs as they look to address increasing functionality that incorporates more powerful silicon and requires evaluation of competing alternative commercial solutions, rather than continue to use in-house developed and or no formal OS environments.”

While this scenario offers opportunities to commercial suppliers, there is reason for commercial suppliers to be cautious based on survey respondents’ future expectations as development teams look to continue to evaluate their device software requirements and weigh options that include the migration to a Linux distribution. According to Balacco, “This trend could continue to put pressure on commercial OS suppliers’ and their business models as OEMs consider the growing sophistication of publicly available Linux solutions and leverage the perceived benefits in terms of source code availability, reduced costs, and community support as an alternative to continuing to use a commercial OS in future device development projects.”

Primary OS - previous

Primary OS - future

From VDC’s perspective, the growing sophistication of embedded devices intensifies competition not only between commercial suppliers, but also in the internal research and development groups within OEMs, which many market players still view as their main competition. We expect increasing innovation around hybrid business models as a means to blend the best of both worlds – open source and proprietary – as suppliers continue to adapt and drive their technology innovation through a community at large, increase brand name recognition, and pull through other complementary commercial software product solutions.

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