Tensilica, Tallika Unveil Configurable Secure SOC FPGA/ASIC Platform

Tallika Corporation and Tensilica(R), Inc. announced the Configurable Secure SOC FPGA/ASIC Platform based on Tensilica’s Xtensa(R) Processor. This fully verified and silicon proven hardware/software platform is ideal for any design team that needs a full implementation of RSA (including encryption, decryption, and key-pair generation acceleration) and/or an SOC with integrated hardware security functions.

Tallika’s security solution includes a Tensilica Xtensa processor core with a 32-bit AHB/APB backbone and Tallika’s linked-list-based DMA controller integrated with its security IP blocks — AES/TDES/SHA/MD5 on the AHB bus and 2048-bit native exponentiation engine on the APB bus. The Secure FPGA Platform is based on Xilinx Virtex4 LX160 FPGA devices and comes with a complete software library to access security functions as well as with a full implementation of RSA encrypt, decrypt, and key-pair generation (including acceleration for Primality testing). The solution is also available for license by Tallika as soft IP for ASIC development.

“Tallika leveraged their strength in micro-architecture design, information security, and embedded software to develop this security platform,” stated Steve Roddy, Tensilica’s vice president of marketing. “Companies that need security can quickly use this customer-proven solution.”

“We based this platform on Tensilica’s Xtensa processor because it could easily be configured precisely for security applications. When combined with our flexible configurable IP, this platform provides our customers with ability to quickly ramp up on their product development,” stated Hemi Bhatnagar, President, CEO, Tallika Corporation. “By building key encryption algorithms right into the processor, we can build a very efficient customized implementation for our customers. Our solution is already silicon proven and our development methodology allows us to further customize it for our customer’s product development needs.”

The Secure Platform core IP and FPGA platform are available now from Tallika.

About Tallika Corporation
Tallika Corporation is a leading provider of Silicon Intellectual Property and Professional Design Services for the consumer, networking, computing, and storage markets. Tallika’s IP Portfolio includes Tensilica Diamond Series and Xtensa processors, Xilinx based Secure SOC Platform, PCI Express Controllers, Security Solutions and DDR I/II Controllers. Tallika’s design services include Embedded Systems/Software Development, turn-key Specification to GDSII — Specification, RTL, Verification, and RTL-to-GDSII for digital and mixed-signal designs. Tallika specializes in design services for system level enablement of PCI Express and Security technologies for its customers. Tallika’s corporate headquarters is in Mesa, Arizona, USA with a design center in Chennai, India (about 100 miles southeast of Bangalore, the largest metropolis and industrial hub in southern India).