ICE Components Designs I04 Output Power Chokes for ON Semi Controllers

ICE Components, Inc., a leading supplier of innovative magnetic solutions for the power electronics market, announces a new series of output power chokes that greatly simplify the design of flyback power supplies based upon ON Semi’s NCP-1207 controller. ICE’s I04 series, designed in collaboration with ON Semi, is designed to work as part of a second stage filter with the most popular output voltages and currents thereby reducing time to market.

The I04 series’ cost effective toroid based design uses Micrometals cores to assure long term thermal stability. Current ratings range from 3.3A to 16A, inductances range from 3.0 uH to 34.8 uH at no load and DCR’s as low as 2.0 mOhms. ICE’s I04 output power chokes are used in flyback converters using ON Semi’s NCP-1207 current-mode controller for free running quasi-resonant operation as well as other popular flyback controllers. Applications include notebook and offline battery chargers, consumer electronics, medical power supplies, etc.

ICE’s I04 series greatly simplifies the design cycle by featuring:

  • Several loaded inductance/DCR values at each output current allows engineers to optimize ripple/efficiency based upon applications needs
  • Pre-engineered solutions for MIN/MAX frequency/current combinations simplify the cumbersome second stage filter design caused by the variable frequency in quasi-resonant applications
  • Cost effective powdered iron core design utilizes Micrometals’ cores to prevent thermal aging

“The I04 series was designed as part of an overall solution requested by ON Semi for the NCP-1207 family of controllers,” says Rick Meadors, sales manager of ICE Components. “ON Semi was looking for a way to simplify and shorten the design cycle for their customer. ICE solved the problem by providing an application guide for magnetic component selection based upon output current and voltage. The guide includes the I04 series but also flyback transformers and line filters allowing customers to quickly order their magnetic components and move on to other design issues.”

Parts in this series are available in trays with prices as low as $0.20. Individual parts pricing will vary due to volume, configuration and shipping destination. Contact ICE Components directly for volume pricing, lead times and samples.

About ICE Components, Inc.
ICE is a supplier of magnetic components for the advanced power electronics market. By providing innovative design solutions, best in class engineering support and uncompromising quality ICE delivers on our promise of “Helping to Engineer the Technology of Power.” ICE is headquartered in Marietta, GA with offices in Taipei, Taiwan and Shenzhen, China.